Godzilla: King of the Monsters manager, Michael Dougherty, shows why Monarch switched to calling the critters Titans rather than MUTOs or even kaiju.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters manager, Michael Dougherty, shows why Monarch switched to calling the critters Titans rather than MUTOs, and they did not wish to consult with them as kaiju. The film introduces a few more of those beasts and sets the stage for the epic showdown that the franchise is set to feature second – Godzilla vs. Kong.

Besides these classic monsters in Toho’s Godzilla movies, King of the Monsters introduces new Titans created especially for its MonsterVerse such as Behemoth, Methuselah, and Scylla. As shown in that film, MUTO is not a title but an acronym for Huge Unidentified Terrestrial Organism plus also a designation for any recently discovered giant monster. But, King of the Monsters alters that by having Monarch refer to the critters as Titans and talking to this one particular creature as a MUTO. The shift didn’t go unnoticed by enthusiasts, and King of the Monsters manager, Michael Dougherty, has addressed why it occurred.

Throughout a live tweet-a-long to get a Godzilla: King of the Monsters watch the celebration, Dougherty (tweeting through the official King of the Monsters’ Twitter accounts ) shared their justification for shifting up the creature’s designations. Not just that, he explained why the MonsterVerse did not only refer to them together with all the commonly used Japanese words for all these sorts of giant creatures – kaiju. Read Dougherty’s three-point excuse, below.

Ironically, it could be quite frustrating to maintain 17 distinct MUTOs directly, so giving them an exceptional title enables the audience to follow, and more are observed awakening throughout the film. In the world, the justification is much more scientific, with new species being identified and, therefore, no more capable of being considered unknown. None of this explains why these earliest MonsterVerse monsters continue to be known as MUTOs, but King of the Monsters does have a lot of new creatures to mention, and lovers were likely to keep talking to them as MUTOs regardless.

Most enthusiasts would also agree, however, their first selection for what to call the giant creatures from King of the Monsters is kaiju. This Japanese word means”odd creature,” and also for many overseas audiences is known to expect those odd creatures of enormous dimension that rampage cities. However, because Dougherty rightly notes that the word kaiju most recently emerged at the Pacific Rim films, so to prevent any confusion or look, they were ripping off these films, Godzilla: King of the Monsters chosen for Titans. It is not an ideal solution, and naturally, there’ll always be lovers who continue speaking to the Titans because of kaiju. Still, most will concur Titan is an advancement over MUTO.


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