The president of The United States, Donald Trump, had admitted that he knew weeks before the first case of death due to coronavirus in the United States, that the virus was dangerous, it is airborne, highly contagious, and more deadly than strenuous flu. He knew that it was deadly and revealed that he repeatedly played it down publicly. Everything in this article is conveyed by the legendary Journalist, Bob Woodward, in his new book named, Rage. Woodward was told by Trump that this(coronavirus) is a deadly stuff on February 7.

Donald Trump and Bob Woodward
Image Source – CNN

Trump revealed in a series of interviews with Woodward that he already had a surprising level of detail about the threat that the virus possessed. He knew it even prior to the first confirmed death due to coronavirus in the US. Trump told Woodward that it is pretty amazing that the coronavirus was about five times more deadly than the flu. While the president frequently commented publically that the virus would go by itself and there is nothing to worry about, it is going to disappear, and all work out fine. On the inside, he knew that it was a big danger.

Donald Trump and Bob Woodward | What did he know?

The book, using the own words of Trump, depicts a president of the country, who has betrayed his public, has broken their trust, and most importantly, has betrayed the most fundamental responsibilities of his office. Trump said in Rage that the job of the president of a country is to keep his country safe. IN the early February, he told Woodward that he knew how deadly the virus is and in the month of March, he admitted that he had knowledge about the virus, but he kept it hidden from the public.

Bob Woodward and Donald Trump
Image Source – CNN

He told Woodward on March 19 that he wanted to always play it down, even when he declared the virus as a national emergency, he still liked playing it down as he did not want to create a panic among the people. If instead of playing it down, Donald Trump had acted decisively in early February, imposing a strict shutdown, and a message to wear masks in public, maintaining social distancing and wash hands regularly, then the experts believe that thousands of lives could have been saved.

This clearly depics that all he ever wanted is, to be re-elected as the president of the United States.


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