A Netflix which had released the trailer and the release date of the long-awaited ‘White Noise’, a film that is directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Noah Baumbach (‘Marriage Story’), presented the film to the international press and the general evaluation has been very positive.

The film premiered on the aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes com 81% approval an average of 16 reviews. Baumbach is a director who usually presents renowned productions, and it is possible that ‘White noise’ is a stampede at the time of awards.

We list excerpts from the main vehicles that had access to the film, in addition to also showing the average of Rotten Tomatoes. Check out:

See the highlights:

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“If Netflix is ​​taking a risk from now on on quirky, independent productions like this, we should be happy, because this time they did it.” – Daily Telegraph

“The script isn’t as acidic as Baumbach’s previous films, perhaps due to DeLillo’s influence. There is no hatred or contempt here. There is only brutal bewilderment about human helplessness. Which is also great.”Times

“Even though it doesn’t keep a great pace, it’s a film that always causes suspense and leaves the viewer curious.”The Hollywood Report

“Baumbach is trying to create a sync with DeLillo’s work to escape the shadow of his cinema cinema, but some will still perceive several traits of the director in the midst of this very peculiar story in his filmography.”indieWire

“As a director who has made a name for himself in mumblecore indies, it makes me happy to see Baumbach doing something on a larger scale and on a more budget.”Total Film

Check out the first teaser:

The film is based on the writer’s book of the same name. Don DeLilloreleased in 1985, and tells the story of a professor who lives peacefully with his family in a small American town, whose routine is interrupted after a mysterious industrial accident.

It is worth noting that the main cast has Adam Driver (‘Star Wars The Force Awakens‘) e Greta Gerwigactress and director known for ‘Lady Bird‘.

André 3000, Don Cheadle, Jodie Turner-Smith and others are also part of the project.

the legendary composer Danny Elfman is responsible for the soundtrack, which also has the original track “New Body Rhumba”from the group LCD Soundsystem.

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