When Black Clover first began serialising, the anime was criticised for its slow start and poor fight designs, however as we delved deeper into the world of the clover kingdom, it became quite evident that the series has a lot to offer, which is the main reason why black clover has climbed its way to the top and has become one of the best shounen anime ever made.

The story of the series which revolves around Asta, a boy born with no magic in a world ruled by magic, managed to captivate its audience with its incredible character designs, lovable protagonists, incredible fights and frightening enemies, sending chills down one’s spine. However, the true frightening powers of the enemies of the Clover Kingdom are about to be revealed in the upcoming Spade Kingdom Arc. Therefore to know more about the potential release date of Black Clover’s return, make sure to read the post till the end.

If our readers have seen all the 170 episodes of the anime, they’ll know that right when the Clover kingdom was healing its wounds from the attack of the Elves, another and much more frightening enemy was waiting for them just around the corner, the devil-possed sibling trio known as the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom.

This is the sole purpose why Asta, Noelle and many others went to train themselves to be able to fight alongside the heart kingdom’s queen Loropechika. However, it is soon revealed brutally in a lot of blood-shed that they’re nowhere strong enough. Even though our favourite character, the captain of the Black Bulls Yami Sukehiro, with the help of Asta does manage to land a fatal blow on their leader “Dante”, it becomes quite evident that they won’t get the same opportunity again as both the captain of Golden Dawn and Black Bulls due to their rare arcane stage magic are captured by Zenon of the dark triad, leaving half the golden dawn’s member dead and Yuno fatally injured.

With this much difference in their powers, the viewers are left with absolutely a sense of hopelessness. However, just when everything seemed lost, we meet a new character, someone that a lot of us had been wondering about, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls named Nacht Faust, who it turns out has complete dominion over not one but four demons from the underworld. It is the arrival of Nacht that really guides the Clover kingdom on its attack strategy against the spade kingdom.

He reveals all the knowledge he has gained over the years in spade kingdom as a spy and silences all the captains with his overwhelming presence revealing the terrifying plans of the dark triad who, with the help of Veangeance’s and Yami’s arcane stage magic, are trying to open the gates of the underworld, bringing all the demons into the human realm which will officially mark the end of the world. He also reveals that they have just 3 days before the Spade Kingdom begins the ceremony and asks the captains to immediately make the team for their counterattack.

Meanwhile, in the heart kingdom, after being bitterly defeated by Megicula and Vanica once again, the Water spirit Undine is cursed and killed, while Loropechika herself is captured as well, leaving Noelle, Nero, Mimosa, Charmy, Luck, and Leo injured. However, all of their lives are somehow saved by the elf Patry and the third eye, who are now residing in the elf village lying deep in the Heart Kingdom. In a fit of rage, Noelle asks them to help them all get powerful and together with her team, all of them begin their special training with the elves.

Meanwhile, Nacht taking a liking to asta and his pure heart helps him come face to face with his demon, Liebe, who, as it turns out, was an adoptive son of Asta’s mother Licita and, in some terms his brother. Nacht helps Asta in forming a pact with Liebe which will enable him to use the demon’s anti-magic powers to their full extent. Therefore, the anime’s 170th episode ends on a cliffhanger with everyone training to launch the counterattack on the Spade Kingdom to save the captains and, ultimately, the world.

Will Black Clover Return?

The no.1 reason why the fans of black clover are soo anxious about the fate of the series is that the creators of the show called episode 170 the last episode, prompting everyone to assume that the series might not return.

However, the main reason why episode 170th of Black Clover was called the last episode is that the anime had now completely caught up with the manga. The last episode of the anime was aired on 30th March 2021 and ended on chapter 270 of the series, and so far, only 292 chapters have hit the shelves, which simply proves that there is no content left at all for the anime to progress any further.

Even if the creators had decided to keep the anime going, not only would they have been forced to release pointless filler episodes, but at the same time, it would also put a lot of pressure on its author Yuki Tabata to submit the content on time. Since every episode of the series covers 2-3 chapters of the manga, it would be nearly impossible to shell out that much content putting pressure on literally everyone and destroying the flow of the series, which is currently at its pinnacle. Therefore, given how close the anime was to the manga, the creators of the hit series decided to take a break, giving the manga enough time to progress on a healthy level.

Therefore, if we look at the situation rationally, it is safe to assume that the anime is not likely to return anytime soon, at least not in 2022. However, the chances of the series returning in early 2023 are highly likely.


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