In an interview with Deadline, Jinny Howenew head of original dramas at Netflixpromised that his focus is to introduce more representation to the streaming service’s projects, including in future seasons of ‘Virgin River‘ — which had previously been criticized for a lack of diversity in its cast.

“Considering the discussions we’ve had about the fifth season of ‘Virgin River’, it’s safe to say that representation will be more present in the series. It’s definitely our priority as we expand the ‘Virgin River’ community that the show has more diversity and inclusion.”

On the future of production, Howe comments: “With the fourth season, we saw that the audience for the show is still very strong. Considering the data, I believe there are many more stories to be told. It will be interesting to continue following these characters. We understand that this is a very rich universe of characters that are loved by viewers, who always want more. As long as this holds true, I can confirm that we will have more seasons of ‘Virgin River’.”

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The series is an adaptation of the author’s book saga. Robyn Carrwhich has 20 volumes, whose title of the first is exactly the name of the city where the plot takes place.

The production follows Melinda, a nurse who decides to abandon her life in the big city to try to rediscover herself in the small town of Virgin River. There, in addition to trying to forget the mistakes of the past, she will end up discovering a new love in her life.a.

The production stars Martin Henderson, Alexandra Breckenridge, Annette O’Toole e Tim Matheson.

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