Sometimes, you just want to kick back and relax without having to think too much about the show you’re watching. Something light, fun, and heart-warming. If that’s the case, Uzaki Chan Wants To Hangout! is just the right pick for your big night in.

Having released this summer season, just about the time we were losing our minds stuck at home for days or even weeks. This “funny as hell” show quickly gained a lot of views because of the unexpected emergence of the Corona Virus turning 2020 into the era of social distancing. The currently ongoing series Uzaki Chan Wants To Hangout! has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is about 24 minutes long. A perfect fit for the days when you do not want to stress your brain with some intense, carefully crafted shows needing our minds to pick apart the plot.

Hana Uzaki. Image Source: YouTube.

The Premise Of The Show:

Shinichi Sakurai, the loner, is looking forward to experiencing his first day at his college. But as fate would have it, he crosses path with his former high-school underclassman, Hana Uzaki. Having spent some time observing her senpai’s lifestyle, Uzaki decided she wants to hang out with him whether he likes it or not. Being an extrovert herself, Uzaki couldn’t comprehend how Shinichi could live as a recluse, spending most of his time by himself. So this became their thing, Uzaki started tagging along with Shinichi wherever he went. There goes Shinichi’s one wish for some peace and quiet. At first, he doesn’t complain about her following him around, but soon Uzaki’s boisterous and eccentric gets him into deep trouble. Sometimes even some extremely embarrassing situations. Let’s just say letting Uzaki hanging out with him was more trouble than it is worth.

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hangout!  Episode 10. Hana Uzaki on the left, Sakurai Shinichi beside her. Image Source: YouTube.

The First Season of the show is nearing the end. Uzaki Chan Wants To Hangout! Episode 10 is about to release very soon. Here’s what you need to know-

Shinichi Senpai From Uzaki Chan Wants To Hangout! Image Source: Twitter.

Episode 10 Release Date:

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hangout! Episode 10 will release tomorrow. That is the next episode will release on the 11th of September 2020. The show airs the episodes weekly. So you can expect the last second episode of the show next week!

What is the Air Time of the Show?

Every Episode releases in Japan every Friday, 9:30 PM according to Japan Standard Time. The Airing time may differ according to your region, so keep that in mind.

Watch the Preview of Episode 10 here:

Where can you watch the show?

You can stream the first season on Funimation for free with ads after subscribing. Or check out Just Watch’s site to know more about where you can watch the show.


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