Originally released in 2008, the thriller ‘the ruins‘ arrived by surprise in the catalog of Netflix and is making a huge success with the public – ranking sixth among the most watched films in the catalogue.

Based on the novel of the same name by Scott B. Smith, the film follows a group of friends who decide to spend their vacation in Cancún. But the journey turns into a torment when a mysterious tourist convinces them to enter a forest and participate in an archaeological dig.

Excited by curiosity, the group composed by Jeff (Jonathan Tucker), Amy (Jenna Malone), Erick (Shawn Ashmore) e Stacy (Laura Ramsey) just didn’t expect to be the target of the savage traps of the ruins of a Mayan temple.

From there, the ‘adventure’ leads the audience to wonder if they will make it out of the ordeal alive.

Despite having a thought-provoking premise, the adaptation written and directed by Scott B. Smith did not fare very well among critics, receiving only 49% approval no Rotten Tomatoes.

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Even so, the title entered the TOP 10 among the most watched films in the catalog and managed to capture the attention of subscribers with scenes capable of increasing tension and adrenaline.

The ruins entered netflix. I love this movieeeee.

The cast also has Joe Anderson (‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’), Jordan Patrick Smith (‘Vikings’), Luis Antonio Ramos (‘CSI Miami’) e Bar Paly (‘Legends of Tomorrow’).

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