Sense8: Netflix broke the essence of Sense8 fans’ legions when it cut the show after only two seasons. And then they stated that not even fan warfare would help. Then, a mysterious thing happened. Netflix has a heart change and appoints a feature-length gathering special to wrap up. The wrap on the lingering narrative threads from authors the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski. That significant turnaround occurred nearly a year ago. Now, Netflix’s vice president Cindy Holland is coming clean. And also with The Radio Times about why Sense8 canceled and then swiftly recovered.

Sense8: Fan base:

To fans of Sense8—which, with trans women at the helm. A diverse cast and almost nuanced treatment of topics prevented many from a dinner table. Also, are the most growing genre show in recent memory—this is a huge victory. It wasn’t a simple one, though. Like Firefly before it, Sense8’s renewal came only after cast members. And thousands and thousands of fans scrounged the studio not to devise the story brutally raw.

Sense8 Finale

Still—again, like FireflySense8 is the difference that explains the rule. Fans of gone-too-soon programs never get their feature-length encouragement prize. And it’s not because people don’t want one. So if these programs are so deeply loved that the hurt of their removal lingers for years and even decades. Which is why are people dropping them in the first place? The most honest answer is always the same: Not enough people were seeing. It can feel so disheartening, so impossible because it makes you feel like a lonely feeble weirdo.

But underneath that corporate blanket statement lurks a handful of factors responsible for nearly all these early deaths. Some of them are essential to a high-concept science story as it’s being made now. But some of them, as Sense8 witnesses, can be assassinated by the power of the internet.

It’s Business Time!


Fan base:

First, the outspoken stuff: marketing. Inspiring science fiction tv shows have historically hard to sell. And it is because they’re challenging to sum up in a logline—or even read at length. Before Star Trek: The Original Series premier in 1966, CBS circulated a promotional pamphlet. They broadcast to get critics and sponsors excited.

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