The Predator: The Hunt is already one of the biggest hits of 2022. The film scores over 90% approval from the specialist press on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and fans alike continue to melt with praise for the thriller. The film became the biggest hit of all time on Disney’s Hulu (USA) and Star+ (Brazil and Latin America) platforms. Set 300 years ago, the film’s plot features one of the interplanetary hunter’s first visits to Earth. Such a creative back-in-time approach has never been given to the franchise, and the film pits the Predator against a tribe of Comanche hunters, in particular the young Naru (Amber Middle Dogs), who has the desire to show his full potential and who can be as efficient in the art of hunting as the men of his tribe. The success is so much that we can officially say that The hunt placed the franchise The predator back on track – just don’t drop the ball in an eventual continuation.

The predator is without a doubt one of the great creations of cinema, both in the form of its design (created by the master Stan Winston), and in the concept of the plot: an alien creature that is an expert hunter, arriving to put the most dangerous animal of all, man, in the place of prey. The Predator might be the scariest and most ferocious alien in the seventh art, were it not for the existence of another equally voracious and quite famous extraterrestrial creature: the xenomorph Alien. The two definitely rank high as the scariest alien creatures in cinema. It is difficult to say which is more interesting or dangerous. In fact, the creation of the film The predator (1987) had much to do with the success of Aliens – The Rescue (1986), sequel to the movie about the big-headed alien. The screenwriters of the original film with Arnold Schwarzenegger even admitted to having been inspired by Aliens to create your story.

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The first “encounter” with Alien took place in ‘Predator 2’, as a tribute to a famous comic book.

Therefore, it is clear that these two franchises have always been linked. And luckily for fans, the two belonged to the same studio: 20th Century Fox. The meeting of the titans on the big screen was just a matter of time. Going back to 1990, when the sequel predator 2 was released, we can see a curious element in its origin. despite the first The predator (1987) was a huge success, Fox executives only gave the go-ahead for the sequel after the Predator comic was similarly successful. Thus, the same writers were able to use many of the ideas contained in the comics for their sequel – such as moving the plot to a large metropolis. However, an element contained in predator 2 would pique fans’ curiosity like no other in the entire film: the xenomorph Alien’s skull inside the Predator’s spaceship kept as a trophy at the end of the film. In the blink-lost style, the moment is what fans would today call an “easter egg”. Of course, every teenager who lived through the 90s, in a pre-internet era, knew this scene very well and no one missed this moment, using the pause key to show friends tirelessly. And even though the internet didn’t exist yet, the moment was propagated in the way old school: not word of mouth.

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It was this comic released in 1989 that marked the first crossover of Alien vs. Predator – honored in ‘Predator 2’.

with the sequence predator 2the master of practical effects and makeup Stan Winston could be more daring when creating, for example, the space hunter’s armaments. Thus, for the second film, in addition to the retractable claw and the plasma cannon on the shoulder, the alien would also gain a retractable spear, a guided disc and the infamous net that crushes. However, the greatest asset of Winston would come to the end of the film. in the final moments of predator 2Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) manages to enter the creature’s spaceship and notice the trophy room contained in it, with the skulls of various beings that the Predator killed in his hunts across the universe. In this passage too, the protagonist is surrounded by other Predators, who recognize him as a worthy opponent and reward him. This scene is said to have been the most expensive of predator 2since in the scene we see several creatures at the same time and the team of Winston needed to create nine new detailed and differentiated outfits for the Predators – which ultimately end up with just a few minutes of screen time. Another curiosity is that these Predators were played by basketball players from the Los Angeles Lakers team, at the request of Danny Glovera fan supporter.

for continuation predator 2the same director as the original John McTiernan was considered to command. It turns out that after the success of Hard to Kill (1988), the filmmaker’s salary had risen to $2 million and the studio was unable to offer such a high fee. So, on the scene Stephen Hopkinsdirector who had impressed the producers with the horror Nightmare on Elm Street 5 (1989), responsible for guaranteeing him a spot in this sequence.

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Director Stephen Hopkins won the spot in ‘Predator 2’ after the success of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 5’.

Returning to Alien’s skull, the creator Stan Winston revealed that the idea was actually a tease-style prank, as they wouldn’t be sued by the same studio. Okay, so it was just a step away for fans to start speculating about the meeting of these two galaxy titans and dream of seeing such a glorious moment on screen. As always in legendary stories, many individuals end up claiming credit for certain feats. Thus, one version is that the idea came from John Rosengrant e Shane Mahan, special effects technicians on Winston’s team. Another version points to the director Stephen Hopkins as the owner of the idea, which was intended to emphasize that Alien and Predator did indeed belong in the same cinematic universe.

What needs to be taken into account, however, is that by this point, fans had already been able to check out the encounter of the monstrous extraterrestrials in the pages of a comic book. Published by the same publisher as the solo series of both creatures, Dark Horse Comics, the comics Alien vs. predator premiered in February 1990, nine months before the release of predator 2 at the movies. So, the idea having come from whoever it is, what all versions agree on is that it was a clear mention of the comics as well, which were extremely popular at the time. This way, predator 2 helped in the construction of the myth of the stories of Alien vs. predator, which after the movie gained all merchandising and licensed products such as video games, books, toys, dolls and more comics. There was only one movie to go with it.

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The movie ‘Alien vs. Predator’ would only actually occur 14 years after its hype.

As not everything is easy in Hollywood, or rather nothing is easy, the film’s production Alien vs. predator ended up falling into the developmental limbo of hell and would only see the light of day long 14 years later. As is often the case, by the time of the crossover’s release in 2004, the hype of the encounter was mostly gone – its heyday even during the 90s. Had the film been released in the mid-90s, its acceptance might have been other.

The truth is that before the idea of ​​taking the crossover Alien vs. predator to theaters, the intention of the franchise’s producers The predator at Fox it was even for a third space hunter solo movie. Where this story would go in an eventual third film could be the subject of a new story. Anyway, predator 2 had even more problems when it was released, especially with regard to its censorship, since the sequel raises the level of violence. According to the director himself Stephen Hopkins, the film needed to be re-edited no less than 20 times to finally receive a censorship that pleased the studio, eliminating the more graphic scenes of the alien killings. In the end, predator 2 ended up holding a record, thanks to having become the first film to receive a then newly created censorship, the NC-17 (which emphasizes that no young person aged 17 or under can be admitted to the session – taking into account that in the USA at 16, teenagers can even drive).

Before they decided to make ‘Alien vs. Predator’, the franchise’s producers wanted ‘Predator 3’ back in the 90s.

What ended up changing the producers’ idea about a possible third film of The predator still in the 1990s was the acceptance of the public and the critics in relation to predator 2. With mostly negative reviews and a $30 million US box office (not even managing to pay its $35 million budget), plans to move on to new productions were put on the shelf. predator 2 it would still make another $27 million worldwide to add to its box office total, and it would become a moderate hit at video stores and TV shows. None of this, however, would make Fox excited for a movie 3. A curiosity is that in the world we live in today, in which the public turns and moves, demands director’s versions of their beloved films, who knows, the public may still resurrect the version of predator 2 with at least another half hour of unreleased footage – that’s what fans claim exists in the studio’s vaults, which can now be opened by Disney and made available on its streaming.

That cold reception that predator 2 received in its time of release turned the attention of the studio’s producers to the much-hyped crossover with Alien. But the big-headed and drooling xenomorph alien franchise would still get two more solo films (Alien³ e Alien – The Resurrection) before that happens. And as for the Predator, it would be no less than 20 years before the space hunter has a solo movie again with predators (2010), which also did not help the character to regain his prestige with the public. Before, of course, the public could witness two films containing the duel of Alien vs. predator. All this is past now, and with The Predator: The Hunt – which has become the biggest hit on the Hulu and Star+ platform to date worldwide – the much-loved monstrous character has earned his long-awaited return to moviegoers’ hearts.

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