The history of anime extends as far back as the early 20th century when it was first used in Japanese films, however, this art style soon became popular across the world, and by 2021 the global anime market was estimated to be worth around $24.80 billion US dollars.

Anime is a style of animation with a very recognizable and unique art style. Anime characters can be recognized by their large doe eyes, long slim limbs, and very expressive features.

Bright colors, dramatic close-ups, and the intense use of zoom are also synonymous with this style. Just think of Pokemon, Spirited Away, and Naruto.

It isn’t just enjoyed in films and on television, there is a wide range of industries that are now embracing this style to bring excitement and entertainment to diverse audiences.

Here are just a few of the industries that are now thriving with the help of anime:

Aime is hugely popular in the gaming industry

Despite being popular in children’s cartoons, anime is often also enjoyed by adults, particularly in console, PC, and mobile games. In fact, on mobile, it is estimated that anime games make up 20 percent of all app store game purchases.

One popular type of game that can be found in almost all online casinos is slots and many of the best slot games have been made in an anime art style. For example, the Magical Stacks Slot from Playtech is a five-reel slot with vibrant colors and anime-style characters and symbols.

The is also the rather cute Fortune Girl Slot game from Microgaming, alongside the female characters are traditional Chinese symbols and there are 15 pay lines you can win from.

Aside from slot games, anime has been featured in many video games, including the highly popular Dragon Ball FighterZ. This is said to be the best anime fighter game of all time, it features traditional anime graphics with the cell-shaded technique and uses team-based gameplay.

For those more into MMORPG type games, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is an excellent anime online game. The game has very typical anime fight scenes and is said to have a more in-depth storyline than other MMO games currently on the market.

Something great about anime is that it appeals to players of all ages and the Pokemon series of games is a great example of this. Pokemon Sword and Shield are perhaps the best and one of the most played Pokemon games, there is the old 2D version and the newer style available on the Nintendo Switch.

Anime is a unique style and when players spot this they know to expect the game to be filled with thrilling scenes, superior graphics, and vibrant colors and this ad

The fashion industry is also embracing anime

Both adults and children wear items of clothing with anime art styles and characters emblazoned on them, this style is thought to have emerged from comic-con-type events where fans would dress up as their favorite characters.

In recent years a number of large fashion houses have teamed up with anime brands to create popular fashion lines. For example, in 2018 Adidas joined up with Dragonball Z to create a range of exclusive trainers that features popular characters from the show.

There is the Gucci x Doraemon collaboration, as well as a joint venture between designer label Supreme and AKIRA. Most recently, major online retailer ASOS began selling a new Pokemon range of clothes.

Interestingly, pokemon fashion is popular with both millennials that grew up watching Pokemon on television and playing the early console games and the younger Gen Z audiences that are discovering this anime culture classic for the first time.

Wearing anime clothing is a great way of showing off your appreciation for the art style or a particular television show or game that you are a big fan of. Fashion brands see the potential to capitalize on this and are succeeding in forming partnerships with anime creators.

Aside from television, films, games, and fashion, the anime art style can be found on everything from cookware and stationery to theme parks, wall art, and other homeware items. Anime is not going anywhere and these industries will continue to embrace the style for many years to come.


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