It is a question which has been plagued with the franchise for a long time, as well as Mark Hamill does not have a fantastic solution to this challenging plot hole. Star Wars is just one of the best works of fiction ever produced, and its effect on pop music and the medium of film can’t be overstated. Since its humble 1977 introduction, Star Wars has three trilogies, many spin-off movies and tv series, countless books, and numerous video games, all committed to enlarging the sprawling world first created from the imagination of George Lucas.

Such a vast storytelling setting can not help but have some ripped seams. The canon of Star Wars strives to become constant and devoid of continuity mistakes, but it can’t be helped, and it is something fans have come to accept as a reality of coping with this kind of a fast-evolving and growing world. But, there’s one presumed plot hole that Luke Skywalker’s celebrity, Mark Hamill, can not explain away.

Contrary to C-3P0, who obtained his memory wiped after Revenge of the Sith, no this fate befell the tiny blue astromech droid. Why? Hamill confessed that he could not think of a suitable response and also posted a gif of Lucille Ball shrugging her shoulders.

R2-D2 has ever been a robot that is crappy, but it is difficult to imagine he’d keep such a massive secret from Luke with no great reason. While no reason is given from the movies, fans have pondered the consequences of R2’s selective silence. Maybe he does not wish to violate Luke’s heart. Given the youthful, prospective Jedi’s response when he does find the truth from the orgasm of The Empire Strikes Back, possibly R2’s supposed decision has been the ideal thing to do. Or perhaps the droid was only after Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lead to refusing to disclose the facts, opting instead to maintain the young Skywalker protected by choosing to find things” by a specific point of view.”

In any case might be, R2-D2 had his motives, and his motivations are his own. Whether R2’s lie of omission qualifies as a plot hole is dependent upon the viewer’s willingness to take that not what must be clarified. Much like The Force itself, R2-D2 operates in mysterious ways; maybe it was Luke’s destiny to find out of his lineage from his father, rather than his droid companion.


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