the last episode of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes arrives at Disney+ this Thursday (13) and despite the good reviews and positive comments on social networks, there are still people who refuse to watch the series because of the bad first impression that the trailer’s CGI caused. And if you fall into this group of people, this article will try to convince you to change your mind and not just watch, but marathon the episodes in time to watch the final chapter on Thursday. Check out!


One of the biggest complaints from comic book fans is the adaptations’ lack of fidelity to the source material. At this point, anyone who has picked up at least one She-Hulk comic in their life is blown away by the level of perfection of work done by the series’ creative team. Even going through different phases in the comics, the series manages to capture so much of the phase in which the character took herself more seriously, but especially in the phases in which the comics artists allowed themselves to expand the limits of Jennifer Walters, giving her more freedom to play and interact with the very universe in which she exists. And if in the comics this was already cool, seeing this in live action sounds even more fun, because it explores undisclosed sides of the MCU.


An important part of She-Hulk’s personality is her ability to not take herself seriously, despite respecting herself as a character. And one of the hallmarks of Jen in the comics is the famous breaking of the fourth wall. If overused, this tool can compromise the plot of a production, but the series fits these moments so perfectly that it helps to build a humor loaded with irony and jokes, not only with superheroes and their massive exposure, but also with the fans of the genre themselves. It’s cool that the series plays with the clichés of the genre and also makes fun of the audience itself. It’s a really fun metalanguage. Apart from that there is a more mischievous humor that is unusual in the MCU, but well done as it is in the series, it ends up being more than welcome.

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References and development of the MCU

One of the great merits of making a series that doesn’t take itself seriously, set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s being able to explore and play with points that wouldn’t fit in a feature film without being massacred by critics. But here, as the series proposes to look for more relaxed situations within this reality, the jokes work too well. In addition, by bringing certain jokes, the series ends up addressing or suggesting situations that will leave Marvel fans in general very excited. As if that weren’t enough, the rumors that are beginning to emerge from some future productions are already possible to relate to certain references/suggestions from the series itself. And nothing cooler than enjoying this hype of trying to fit the “Marvel puzzle”.

Special participations

In addition to suggestions and easter eggs, the series doesn’t skimp on cameos. In addition to some big MCU characters showing up, the best cameos are precisely from more obscure or less popular characters in comics, such as the frogmano Sr. Imortal or the own Hulk. Whether interacting, appearing quickly or being defended (or accused) in court, these characters add a lot of fun to the production. Speaking of the Hulk, as Marvel does not own the cinematic rights to the character, and can only use him as a supporting character, the series takes advantage of having him on screen to develop his post-Endgame personality and is already working to dictate his future directions in this universe. In addition to it, there’s the introduction of new villains, new antiheroes, and a ton of references, subtle or otherwise, to mutants.

Tatiana Maslany

But by far the best thing about the whole series is the acting of Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters/ Mulher-Hulk. Despite being tiny and not so similar to the comic book version, Maslany understood the essence of the character and knew how to work both in the legal profession and in the aspiring superhero. She hits the tone of drama and humor, exploring points that until then had been practically ignored by the MCU, such as the machismo of the environment and the difficulties of relationship when you are a “super person”. This brings a very cool veracity to the series, which dialogues not only with comic book adaptations, but with society in general. And this footprint only works because of the fantastic work of Tatiana Maslany.

Oh, but what about CGI? Well, the CGI ends up being the weakest point of the series, but it’s still something that only bothers in some moments of the first three episodes. There is a clear evolution over the series and it improves considerably in the final stretch. So, if you decide to watch it in a “marathon” format, if you start today, this Monday (10), you can watch three episodes today (around 1:30 am), three on Tuesday (11) and two more episodes on Wednesday. Friday (12), arriving on Thursday with the series fresh in mind for the last episode.

the final episode of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes premieres this Thursday (13), only on Dinsey+.

And since the average duration is half an hour per episode, we suggest you

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