Shawn Mendes discloses in an exclusive interview that he was in love with Camila Cabello 5 years ago before they were dating. Here’s everything we know.

Rumour has it that sparks were flying between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello when they started dating.

The duo had been close friends for years before stirring up romance rumors until they became official.

But the whisper got louder after Cabello, 22, and Mendes, 21, released their second duet, “Señorita,”. The song was paired along with a steamy music video.

Even though the evidence of their PDA proves otherwise. The “Stitches” singer reveals that the couple got official back on the 4th of July.

What did Shawn Mendes Have to Say?

Shawn Mendes gets raw and candid about his love for girlfriend Camila Cabello. The 22-year-old singer opens up in an interview with Access Hollywood. During the talk, he reveals that she was secretly the muse behind some of his earlier songs. “It takes a lot of courage to tell the woman that you love that you love her.” He had the fear of rejection for five years which kept him from doing it every time. “I think, you know, it just took a lot. It took a long time of preparing. I mean, I had a five-year warmup to finally be able to tell her how I felt!” he gushes.

Camila Cabello’s Words:

Not only Mendes but his ‘senorita’ also reveals what she learned about love by dating Shawn recently. She says she leant a lot above love from Shawn. It’s not just the happy blissful moments you see in pictures and videos- When you’re in a relationship with someone, it feels like they are this mirror reflecting yourself back to you,” Camila writes in a post on Instagram.

She further adds, that a relationship is not candy-like, it gets messy and ugly. But there’s nothing like the pull, the FORCE that is love, to be the light in the darkness- to be the gravitational pull that gives you the relentless strength to be braver, wiser, and better than you were yesterday (such deep words).

Our minds try to protect us from love, but the human heart wants what it wants.
And to be in love means to choose that person over and over again, to go through the messy stuff with. And that’s way more beautiful and raw and real than perfection.

Cabello gives a toast to the messiness and weirdness of human existence. Raise the glass to the easiness and instinct and the relentless force which is love.
Watch the full interview below:



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