The filming for the Matt Reeves movie, The Batman was halted on Thursday after one of the crew members of the movie was tested positive for the COVID-19. However, the name of the affected person was not revealed by the Warner Bros, and they didn’t tell us who the person really was. There are multiple news reports, that suggest that the lead star of the film, Robert Pattinson is the one from the cast members of the film, who is tested positive for coronavirus.

Robert Pattinson
Image Source – CNBC

It was reported by news media on Thursday that the British actor has tested positive for the coronavirus. This resulted in the halting of the production of the film and also highlighting the struggles of the Warner Bros. Company to return back to business after months of shutdown induced due to the pandemic.

The Warner Bros. Movie Studio released a statement revealing that a member of The Batman movie has been tested positive for the coronavirus. However, the production company didn’t give any name of who is being affected. Also, the added that the filming of the movie had been paused to ensure the safety of the rest of the crew and cast members. As of now it is not certain when the production of the film is scheduled to be resumed again.

Robert Pattinson tests COVID-19 Positive | Shooting to be halted.

Some of the trusted sources reveal that the affected person is none other than the lead cast of the film, Robert Pattinson. The representatives of both the actor and the Warner Bros. Production Company did not answer the calls that were seeking any comment on this situation. It is still not clear to what extent the 34-year-old actor was suffering from the symptoms of COVID-19, or whether he even suffered the symptoms of the virus or not.

Robert Pattinson
Image Source – CNBC

The shooting of The Batman movie was resumed just three days ago after being shut since mid-March. The production of numerous movies and web series were halted in the month of March when the coronavirus outbreak was just started. Batman movie has still got three months of shooting left for the final completion according to the trade outlets of Hollywood. Also, the release of the movie has been pushed further from June 2021 to October 2021.

The productions of several other movies aside of The Batman has also been restarted recently, including the next thriller of Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible, sequel of Avatar, and Jurassic World: Dominion.


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