The Barbarian Singer, Rihanna, has reportedly suffered minor injuries after meeting with an accident. The pictures of the singer with a black eye and swelling on the face were surfaced on September 4, Friday. It has been discovered that the injuries she has got, were brought about when she fell off an electric scooter. The sources revealed that the scooter was flipped over in the incident that took place in the previous week, which caused her to fell off the scooter and get smacked on her face and forehead.

Image Source – Vogue

The singer told People, that she is completely fine now but she flipped over on an electric scooter last week. She has got bruises over her face and forehead, and she added that luckily, there were no major injuries and she is healing quickly.

Barbarian Singer Rihanna injured in an accident.

However, the spokesperson of Rihanna has revealed that the singer is totally fine and nothing is there to worry about, she will heal soon. Her photos in which we can see bruises on her forehead and face, and a black eye, was taken outside her one of the favourites restaurants in California. Also, the photos were posted by TMZ, the entertainment website, on Friday. Rihanna was spotted outside a restaurant in California and the photos of her were shared by TMZ while she was inside a car picking up a  take-out order.

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Rihanna Injured
Image Source – TMZ

The fans did not take much time to speculate that the 32-year-old mogul singer has been in some kind of physical altercation, and this speculation of them was somewhere expected, as the singer kept a low profile. Well luckily, that is not the case, and there is nothing to worry about.

Something is wrong with E-vehicles or what?

This is another celebrity accident within a span of one month, after Simon Cowell broke his back after falling off his new electric bicycle and was later hospitalised. He was riding his new bicycle in the courtyard of his Malibu home, and when he fell off and injured himself, he was with his family in the courtyard. Simon Cowell was a judge at America’s Got Talent, and the 60-year-old had to pull out of the show to recover from his back injury. The production team of America’s Got Talent was then forced to replace Simon with Kelly Clarkson as the new judge.



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