‘Rick e Morty’ is one of the most acclaimed and beloved series on contemporary television, and season 6 is set to premiere in september 4th not channel Adult Swim.

And during an interview for the Inverse, o showrunner Scott Marder added that the plot of the new episodes will be bigger and more challenging due to the end of the previous season.

Anyone who watched it knows that the villain has access to Rick’s memories and intends to use the City of Ricks as a great portal weapon to free himself from the finite central curve.

In this way, he manages to break down the barrier between the multiverse of smart Ricks and the multiverse of regular Ricks, leading fans to wonder what kinds of Ricks might exist from now on…

Because of this, Marder said that:

Enjoy watching:

“[o final da 5ª temporada] left us with a ton of homework and a lot of homework to do. We actually had a few versions of the episode that were completely different. In the end, we weren’t happy about it and scrapped it to release the one you watched.”

He went on to argue that this whole mess is just the beginning of something much more troublesome.

“I feel like what we have planned for Season 6 closes a chapter, but at the same time opens a new one. There was a clear and present danger that was always there because of Evil Morty. Let’s say season 6 starts the second half of a bigger story.”

Obviously, there aren’t many clues as to what this second half of the story could mean, but fans are about to find out in a few days.

So, are you excited?

Check out the poster for the upcoming episodes, along with the titles:

  1. Bethic Twinstinct
  2. Ricktional Mortpoon’s
  3. Rickmas Mortcation
  4. Full Meta Jackrick
  5. Final Destination
  6. Rick: A Mort Well Lived
  7. Night Family
  8. A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort
  9. Solaricks
  10. Analyze Piss
  11. Juricksic Mort

Check out the official synopsis:

“Rick and Morty are back! Starting right after the end of season five, the situation is complicated. Will they be able to go on new adventures? Or will they be swallowed by an ocean of piss? Who knows?! Piss! Family! Intrigue! A lot of dinosaurs! More piss! It will be another unforgettable season of your favorite series!”

Remembering that the first five seasons are already available on HBO Max.

The series was created by Dan Harmon e Justin Roiland.

The plot revolves around the dangerous adventures of Rick, an alcoholic genius scientist, and Morty, his seemingly naive grandson, who thanks to interdimensional travel with his grandfather begins to realize how complex the world around him can be and how disastrous the cause and effect relationships can stay.

The cast includes the voices of Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer e Sarah Chalke.

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