It has been a while since Netflix has started streaming Outlander, but they are lagging behind the original series. The reason for the delay is evident as the series initially airs on Starz. So this is inevitable to have a delay in upcoming streaming seasons. The series is expected to air the fourth and fifth season as they are already lagging behind the original series. The popularity of string can be assessed from the fact that the series has six golden globe awards in its bag. So this is something which indicates the popularity of the series.

Outlander: Season 4 & Season 5

There is an interesting fact with the series, and it has something to do with the original streaming rights. The series is initially given by Sony Pictures to Starz, and in turn, it is given to Netflix. So its the Sony Picture giving the streaming rights to Netflix. The series is pivoted around a second world war nurse who somehow reaches the 1700s, and the whole story revolves around this premise.

When will 'Outlander' Season 4 be on Netflix? - What's on Netflix
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Do we have the release date of Season 4 and Season 5 of Outlander on Netflix?

Till now, there hasn’t been anything on the fourth and fifth season of Outlander. This is going to take a while as Starz has recently finished airing the fifth season. So it is going to take a while when the series is broadcast on Netflix. But there is a patter which could be followed to assess the release date.

The series was renewed for the third season after two years. So the series is usually lagging by two years, so if this thing continues, we can expect the fourth season to hit the screens by 2021 and the fifth season by 2022. As of now, these are speculative dates, and there is no confirmation whatsoever on the years.

Although the dates are going to vary for Netflix Canada and we are expecting that the series will air its fifth season this year. These are speculative dates, and we can’t bet on the confirmation of the series.

The production process is going to suffer because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So this implies that the series will have a delay in filming the upcoming seasons of the series. This means this time, and we may see an extended pause as the filming process is going to take a while.

On top of it, the filming process is also going to get slow, and the series is expected to see delays in the upcoming season. As of now, we don’t have details on the extent to which this pandemic has affected the future course of the series.

So it is going to take a while to decide in this regard. The pandemic has affected almost all the sectors, and this has been the case with the entertainment. Even if the filming process starts, it is going to take more time as social distancing; norms are to be strictly followed. Once the details are out, we will update the page with relevant information.


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