Saitama’s power is nothing less of a pandora’s box as it unleashes severe troubles on the enemy. The moot question which always revolves in the heads of fans is the secret behind his extraordinary physical strength.

One Punch Man: Season 3

This is something that is at the core of the anime series. Saitama’s power is such that he can blow away the mightiest warrior in a single punch. To be precise, he can explode the enemy with a single punch, and this is the reason why nobody can say or even think anything against him.

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Now the moot question is the secret behind this enormous strength, and this is something which we are going to be at the focal point of our discussion. So how does a human can have such gigantic strength?

One of the prominent theory which circumvents his enormous strength is the fact that he is not a human and rather a monster. This is something that has been anticipated by Dr. Genus, the brainy anti-hero of the House of Evolution.

Reality Behind Saitama’s Power

His theory revolves around the fact that there is an end to everything. Nothing can go unabated or unchecked. His theory is premised on the common hypothesis used by researchers that nature always keeps the balance. No human is allowed to alter the balance of the universe, so Saitama’s character may have the traits of a monster.

There has-beens substantial claims by Dr. Genus regarding a human’s ability to enhance his physical or mental strength. One can’t merely surpass the limits imposed by nature, and any attempt whatsoever will make the man monstrous.

This is the hypothesis being used by Dr. Genus to prove that Saitama’s strength is monstrous, and he is a monster. There is a unique approach to reach such strength, and when one knows how to breach his ability, he can achieve what seems impossible to most of us. Saitama has reached that point where he has attained that level of physical and mental strength.

There is a concept introduced by Dr. Genus, which he calls as a limiter, a limit imposed by nature on every human being, which inhibits a man from acquiring enormous strength. But at times, even limiters can be breached by exceptional human beings. Limiter exists, but it isn’t unattainable. It can be attained by showing extraordinary physical and mental endurance.

If a human encounters a near death-like situation several times, then he can breach the limits imposed by nature. As the physical and mental strength grows exponentially, the ability to focus accentuates to an unprecedented level. An unprecedented level of focus can enable the man to breach any physical or mental barrier placed by nature or man.

The limiter hypothesis was also verified by Garou in the battle against the monsters. He breached his physical and mental barriers to become a half-human- half-monster. This is something that is at the core of Saitama’s strength.


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