Hey there! Today we will update you on One Punch Man Chapter 178 where we will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter such as its release date, spoilers, raw scans, and through where you can read the new chapter.

One Punch Man is a very popular hard-core superhero action manga which is an adaptation of the original webcomic by ONE (also drew Mob Psycho 100) and is drawn by Yusuke Murata of EyeShield 21. It features some of the most spectacular-looking fight scenes with very detailed art and character writing.

The latest chapter begins with a fight breaking out between Tatsumuki and Psychic Research Organization causing a magnitude earthquake in the vicinity. Meanwhile, the Demon Level Monsters that were imprisoned below the headquarters manage to escape but are taken care of by Saitama.

Meanwhile, Tatsumuki uses the poison needle inside Fubuki to attack the mastermind and poison him. She mashes him and all of his Lachey into a ball. After the fight, she starts lecturing Fubuki’s subordinates about how careless they were to let their leader get poisoned. Just when things were about to turn sour, Saitama jumps in and tells them both to cool down.

One Punch Chapter 178 Release Date, Time and Countdown

The One Punch Man manga by ONE and Yusuke Murata is published in Shueisha’s Tonori no Young Magazine which is released on a bi-weekly basis every Wednesday. However, the OPM manga has a very unusual release schedule and the author is allowed to publish the chapter whenever he wishes.

In most cases, the new chapters are released every other Wednesday Since the previous ch i.e. ch 178 was published on 11th January the One Punch Man Chapter 178 will release on Wednesday, 25th January 2022 at 12:00 AM (JST). The chapter title has not been announced yet.

AuthorOneArtistYusuke MurataMedia formatManga, Anime, Webcomic, Video Games, Live-actionInitial Release1. 2009 (Original)
2. June 14, 2012 (Adaptation by Murata)Volumes Released26English Release byViz, ShonenJump, MangaPlusGenreSeinen, Martial Arts, SuperheroChapters available178One Punch Chapter 177 Release date25th January 2022Chapter Update dates onBi-weekly every other WednesdaySeries overview

However do note that it will take some time before the English translations will come out as the whole translation process involves manga invisible complex steps such as redrawing, typesetting, proofreading, and of course translating the text.

So you might need to for at least 3-5 days until the chapter is available to read in your preferred language.

Release time

As for our international audience, here is when chapter 178 of One Punch Man will be available to read on the online website.

Pacific Time: 9 AM on WednesdayCentral Time: 11 AM on WednesdayEastern Time: 12 noon on WednesdayBritish Time: 5 PM on Wednesday

Countdown for OPM Chapter (Japan Release Time)


Is One Punch On on break this week?

No, fortunately, the manga is not on break this month and chapter 178 will be released as per its schedule. So far no such delay has been announced from the author’s side.

OPM 178 Raw Spoilers and Leaks from Reddit and Twitter


At the time of writing, the raw scans and spoilers for Chapter 178 haven’t come out yet. Such raw scans usually starts surfacing on the net 3-4 days before the official release date and can be found on online forums such as 4chan and Reddit. So we are expecting them to appear as early as January 23rd.

We will keep an eye out for them and report back to you as soon as are released. Meanwhile, for the latest updates and chapter discussions check out its official subreddit r/OnePunchMan.

Previous Chapter Recap

In a flashback, a young Psykos is seen telling Fubuki about the increased membership in their group and the Invisible Hand joining their forces. She further tells her it might not be long before they can rule the world from the shadows. While on their way home from school, Psykos admires Fubuki for her superior psychic power, although Fubuki seems to ignore her.report this ad

Later in a library, Psykos is seen studying a new ability called the “Third Eye” that sees into the future, in the hope that it can be used to overthrow Tatsumaki. However, the future Psykos then sees drives her insane and she tells Fubuki that world domination is meaningless and human extermination is necessary.

Back to the moment they were confronting each other during the Monster Association incident, Psykos was defeated and captured by Fubuki, who wanted to know the source of her madness. As she held Psykos in her arms, Fubuki sensed a mysterious presence that chilled down her spine.

Where to read OPM chapter 178?

There are two ways you can read the latest chapter. The first is by reading the fan translations which will be available one or two days after the Japanese release.

The second is reading the official translations by Viz on their official website. However, the Viz translations are quite behind by 3 chapters so you need to wait for 2-4 weeks’ for chapter 170 official translations.

You can also purchase its previous volumes on that website and can read it in both online and offline mode.

Is one punch man manga finished?

No, the One Punch Man manga adaptation by Yusuke Murata is still ongoing in the pages of Tonari no Young Jump with over 27 volumes published so far. The latest volume was published on November 4, 2022.

How often do one-punch man chapters come out?

A new chapter of OPM manga is released on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesday at 12:00 am JST. Hence the manga is updated twice a month on Wednesday.

How many One punch man chapters are animated?

The first anime season (2015) had 12 episodes covering up to chapter 36 of the manga and an OVA. The second season (2019) had 12 episodes plus 6 OVAs that reached chapter 84 of the manga. 

What is One Punch Man about?

One Punch Man is a manga written by ONE and drawn by Yusuke Murata, published in Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump since 2012. The manga is based on the webcomic written by ONE. Viz Media is publishing the series in English.

Manga inspired an anime series by Studio Madhouse in 2015 for 12 episodes. J.C. Staff then produced a second season in 2019 which also ran for 12 episodes. A live-action adaptation by Sony is in development.

The story centres around Saitama who started out being a hero just for fun. After three years of “special” training, he became so powerful that he can defeat opponents with a single punch. Now, alongside Genos, his faithful cyborg disciple, Saitama is ready to begin his official duties as a professional hero working with the Hero Association.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about One Punch Man

What is One Punch Man?

One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero webcomic created by artist ONE in 2009. The story follows Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any enemy with a single punch but is constantly searching for a worthy opponent.

Is One Punch Man appropriate for all ages?

One Punch Man contains violence and some blood, so it may not be suitable for all ages. It is rated TV-14 in the US. Viewers should use discretion when deciding whether to watch it.

Who is the main character in One Punch Man?

The main character of One Punch Man is Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any enemy with a single punch. He is often bored with his overwhelming strength and seeks a worthy opponent.

What is the release schedule for One Punch Man?

The manga is published on a bi-weekly basis every Wednesday, but the author is allowed to publish the chapter whenever they wish.

Is One Punch Man on break this week?

No, the manga is not on break this month and the next chapter will be released as per its schedule.

Well, that’s all for today. We will keep you updated on any news related to One Punch Man Chapter 178. Also, be sure to check out the Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 and Osamake Season 2.


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