After the latest manga chapter of the “One Piece” release last Sunday the 13th, the impatient fans are subdued for now and speculations are tremendous. After the 990th chapter, we can see that the next nine chapters are building up the climax for the end of this arc; i.e. when will we get to see the epic clash between Luffy and Kaido? 

Previously on One Piece Chapter 989: Let’s have a quick recap. 

Luffy wanted to climb to the Onigashima’s roof, where the battle has started between The Beast Emperor—Kaido and the Minks and Scabbards. But as you know, the minks won’t be able to fight after 3 minutes. For now, it seems Kaido has no helping hand, but some of his pirates seem to stop anyone from joining the fight. It looks like the optimum time for Luffy to hurry and reach the dome’s roof and fight kaido.

However, Big Mom stopped Luffy on his way to the fighting entailing Kaido atop Onigashima. Brook and Franky arrived saving the day, rescuing Nami and Luffy by hitting Big Mom on her head whirling Kurosai. After the Momonosuke rescue, Sanji and King were about to butt heads.

One Piece: Art by Eiichiro Oda. Image Source: Reddit.

Fans are saying, “this Wano Arc turned a 10/10 anime to an 11/10 anime, creator Oda is an absolute genius!”

Luffy’s Gear 4: Boundman is based on the Nio Guardians. But did you know that there were two? iō (仁王?) or Kongōrikishi (金剛力士?) are two wrath-filled and muscular guardians of the Buddha standing today at the entrance of many Buddhist temples in East Asian Buddhism in the form of frightening wrestler-like statues. (Source YouTube)

One Piece Chapter 990 “Army Of One”: Spoilers and Speculations!

The chapter started with Gang Bege’s Oh My Family, Vol. 34, where Chiffon or Lola said, “Hang on tight! Mama told us our father is a clingy man who never gives up; no matter how many times he is kicked!!” That grabbed our attention, as Big Mom didn’t let their father hold her daughters. We know that Big Mom uses marriage to acquire power.

One Piece: Big Mom’s Dream. Image Source: YouTube.

Big Mom’s 25th Husband Pound, speculated to have giant blood, but the reason Big Mom actually married him might be due to her admiring his tenacity and just his giant size being common between them. As it seems, she might have told her daughters about their father. This cover story is going on for a while now, which tells us it is important. Cannot wait for Oda to elaborate on it further.

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Another thing we got to see was Luffy in Gear 4 agian! Also, Zoro Finally Makes an appearance. Jack Kinnaman has transformed into his mammoth form, taking a defensive position defeating many guardians. The Three Musketeers might have wounded Jack as the wound by a sword is seen. Seeing this, Kinnaman intends to retaliate but is blocked by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. Maybe the duo of mink kings wants to avenge their fallen tribe.

Also, Hawkins predicted that a certain person has less than a 1% chance of dying. We wonder who might that be. Will the flying six betray Kaido? Because of the past atrocities by kaido, they might betray him as it is related. We will soon get to see the imminent Battle of Emperors. For those of you who are impatient for the next manga release, here is a humble quote by none other than our Oda Sensei-

One Piece: Creator Eiichiro Oda’s Quote. Image Source: Reddit.



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