NEO founder predictions post-pandemic blockchain flourish, and NEO, often branded as”Chinese Ethereum,” will capitalize on it.

The coronavirus pandemic, or instead blockchain technology following the epidemic, is precisely what he spoke in his presentation, saying that when the outbreak is supporting us, the entire world is going to be a fundamentally different location, dominated and divided by mistrust towards the standard systems. It’s going see deglobalization and inevitable setbacks – but that the antidote to these reverses, said the creator, is blockchain.

According to him, blockchain is a”treatment” to your post-pandemic new set of principles because it’s:

Ideology impartial,
jurisdiction agnostic (resources on the blockchain are handled by intelligent contracts, but isn’t directly influenced by the authority of the thing behind that wise contract),
can turn into a worldwide market. If we place all resources on the blockchain, we will have a huge, international market where everyone can exchange with one another and with no requirement to trust each other.
However, the blockchain as it is now Isn’t prepared for this Huge task, Da Hongfei stated, stressing that among other matters that the tech needs to improve:

Interoperability: some vital skill which each blockchain will desire; we’re seeing a few cross-chain protocols today, but many are concentrated on asset transfers; we still want a standard, general goal cross-chain protocol, then we will see various blockchains focusing on multiple items, but interacting with one another. This Da Hongfei is known as another generation of the net: the community of blockchain.
Tokenization: there is a necessity to tokenize several things: a) virtual, electronic and physical resources; b) securities:”I don’t have any doubt that in another 2-3 decades, we will see a lot of securities which will be natively issued to the blockchain”; c) fiat: a lot of central banks are in various phases of the electronic fiat experimentation, whereas China is currently top.
Adaptability: you need to be quite clear about your style aims — distinct layout choices need to be created, and these aren’t binary.
“May the fittest blockchain live,” Da Hongfei explained.

Meanwhile, NEO will be delighted to observe many different blockchains later on, ” said the creator, as it is not just about picking between centralized’ or’decentralized’ – there are a lot more variables and design options to think about.

Hence, the near future that inside it’s a blockchain flourish is a future that may benefit NEO too. The creator said that his job is currently working on an assortment of new capabilities. Mostly, NEO 3.0 will probably be coming from the fourth quarter of the year, ” he explained. Apart from some little improvements, NEO will bring forth. Da Hongfei also termed some Significant ones, such as:

Last, Da Hongfei explained that fund managers and institutional investors would likely think about bitcoin, ethereum, NEO, along with other crypto assets, instead of investment opportunity. There probably will not be anything more significant from the post-pandemic universe than crypto assets, ” he reasoned.

The purchase price is up by 31 percent in a month and down 32 percent annually.


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