You may have heard the rumors floating around that My Hero Academia is getting a new season. But from where exactly did this information leak from? Here, I’ll provide you guys with some facts demolishing any other wayward mysteries surrounding this.

About My Hero Academia:

After the well-received premiere of My Hero Academia Season 4 last year, we are excited to inform you about what comes next in this amazing superhero animated series produced by Studio Bones. This animated series has earned a distinct badge that frames heroism as an act of community in the world of Shonen Jump Series.

Creator Kohei Horikoshi wrote and illustrated My Hero Academia, which was first telecasted in Japan in 2016. There are a total of 4 Seasons and 2 Movies, and 6 OVA episodes dedicated to this series, directed by Kenji Nagasaki. You can follow this chronological order to watch My Hero Academia series if you’re just starting out.

Is there going to be a new Season 5?

Yes, Toho Studio is going for My Hero Academia Season 5! Here’s what I have gathered-

News about the next season reported.
Image Source- Licence Global

The publication of Licence Global posted a report in August 2020 regarding Toho Studio about what the company is working on next and other important upcoming campaigns. As they translated this report from Japanese, be cautious as they wrote “New animated series” in the above report, and that may refer to a spin-off series instead of a new season.

According to some fans on twitter, the new series is supposedly going to be “My Hero Academia: Vigilantes”. But it is most likely that they are talking about a new season only. However, if you’re interested in the spin-off sequel series, you can read the manga here.

Previously on My Hero Academia Season 4:

The manga readers have spoken, and they say, “It has only just begun.”

Speculations about what’s next:

Although we do not have any official release dates yet, we can point you towards what to watch in anticipation of the next part. But before that, watch this-


The last episode of Season 4 was hinting towards “A new ____ is awaking” for Izuku Midoriya. While that is very mysterious, this just adds to the suspense of Season 5.

Let’s jump to what else you can watch while awaiting season 5. Because the next release might be in Spring 2021. And that is a long and uncertain wait. Because of our current circumstances, there can be some further delay.

What else you can watch?

Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, this movie is beautifully passionate and yet astounding, having a much more humanizing impact than an animated movie could ever bring. If you haven’t watched My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising then you are definitely missing out. It is a must-watch for all the MHA fans as it has a huge twist we would have never seen coming. Spoiling nothing we can say with certainty that there is a lot of Kachhan and Deku bonding in this movie.

Kachhan, on the left and beside him Deku, In My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie.
Image Source: Imdb

This month My Hero Academia announced good news for all the fans via Twitter,

The worldwide premiere of the OVA episodes was a big hit. And the show brought with it a feeling of nostalgia for the fans, as the OVA episodes were a flashback to Season 3. In which, Deku and his classmates from Class 1-A were training hard to work on their individual skills just before their provisional hero exams.

Updates on the release dates of My Hero Academia Season 5 soon! Thank you for stopping by. Until next time.

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