“I’m too late. She’s in entrance of me, however but…Can I do it? I have to attempt”

“Acquired it! I received’t let Sukuna Out of my Physique”

“Grandpa Died together with his head held excessive. My dying this fashion will not be acceptable!”

“I’m into women like Jennifer Lawrence. Good to satisfy you”

Megumi Fushiguro

megumi fushiguro. that’s it. that’s the tweet. pic.twitter.com/xsDdVRE0pA

— each day fushiguro (@dailyfushiguro) March 19, 2021

Megumi Fushiguro is one other scholar at Jujutsu Tech, he is likely one of the primary protagonists of the collection. Megumi is the primary particular person to note and discover Yuji which results in him becoming a member of the jujutsu tech later. He’s Chilly and charming which is the kinda persona of the second lead of a Shonen Anime. He’s a disciple of Gojo Satoru who’s the strongest sorcerer on the earth.

“I didn’t say to return again for it, I stated to go away it behind”

“I’ve no Intentions of risking my very own life to save lots of somebody I had no intention of saving within the first place”

“It’s not about whether or not I can, I’ve to do it”

“Our Positions are reversed Now”

“What are you going to do when somebody yu saved kills another person sooner or later?”

Inumaki Toge

Inumaki Toge is a second yr at Jujutsu Tech in Tokyo. He was born with probably the most highly effective seal of the Inumaki Household, which is known as the “Snake and Fangs” seal. The curse works every time Toge speaks a phrase, so he zips up his jacket until his mouth and has a really restricted vocabulary…. i imply very restricted. Everybody at Jujutsu Tech is fearful of his approach.

“Salmon Tuna”

“Shake Shake Sushi”

Bonito Flakes”

“Fish Flakes’

“Don’t Transfer!”


I warned you that it’s very restricted.

Gojo Satoru

Gojo Sensei often called Gojo Satoru is the instructor of Itadori Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara. He’s the Strongest Character in Jujutsu World, and he likes to brag about it. Gojo has turn into a fan favourite immediately due to godly seems and eyes which might drown an entire continent. Gojo’s Area Enlargement Infinite Void appears to be unbeatable and he’s likely untouchable. One of many Best character designs of contemporary occasions and undoubtedly greater than only a rip-off of Kakashi. He undoubtedly has one of the crucial common jujutsu kaisen quotes to stay by.

“Trying to find somebody in charge is only a ache”

“It’ll be superb. I’m the Strongest there may be in spite of everything”

“All m feeling now could be the pleasantness of this world”

“All through Heavens and Earth, I Am Alone the Honored One”

“I’ve at all times been a pleasant man who cares for my college students”

“Perhaps I ought to simply kill all of the higher-ups”

Wasuke Itadori

Wasuke Itadori is Yuji’s Grandpa who has actually taken care of him since he was a child. Yuji loses wasuke on the very begin of the collection. Wasuke asks Yuji to make a promise that he’ll assist folks it doesn’t matter what so he doesn’t has to die in a hospital alone like him. Wasuke Itadori had restricted display time, however he absolutely gave us some wonderful quotes in jujutsu kaisen.

“It’s best to use your energy to assist others”

“Simply assist them, simply do it. That means whenever you die, you received’t be alone”

“Yuji you’re a robust child”

“It doesn’t must be everybody, simply assist the folks round you, as a lot as you may”

Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna is the Drak Shaman the “King of Curses” he serves insides the physique of the protagonist Itadori Yuji. He exists inside the Jujutsu World as a result of Yuji ate considered one of his fingers which has his curse powers and have become a vessel of Sukuna. When Sukuna speaks you hear, the king of curses absolutely has the most effective quotes in Jujutsu kaisen.

“Know your house Idiot”

“Stand Proud, you might be Robust”

“Don’t lookup with out permission”

“I’ll kill you for no specific motive”

“I’ll kill that brat earlier than the cursed spirit can”

“Nonetheless irritatingly sufficient I don’t have management of this physique”

“Even when the components of me inside you die, there are eighteen different fragments of my soul”

I hope you loved studying these wonderful quotes from such fascinating characters, should you haven’t watched jujutsu kaisen but it is best to already begin! It’s out there for now on Crunchyroll.


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