Netflix Mortel has proved to be a hit with fans who are already calling for a second season.

While Netflix’s main audience may be the United States and other English-speaking countries, it must always be remembered that the streaming service is a global operation with a worldwide audience.
To cater to this demographic target group, Netflix often produces impressive foreign-language content.

One of Netflix’s most recent foreign languages ​​is Mortel, a French drama series that was recently added to the streaming service.

Mortel already managed to appeal to a passionate audience, and even more impressively, viewers are already calling for a second season.

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Mortel season 1

The first season of Mertel appeared on Netflix on November 21. The six-episode series tells the story of a couple of teenagers, Sofiane and Victor, who are given as a gift by a mysterious voodoo god to avenge the death of a loved one. He is also friends with Louisa, also a girl who practices voodoo to overcome the annoying feeling that gave her her powers.

Sophian is given the power to manipulate other people’s actions, while Victor can read the thoughts of others.

Do we see each other’s seasons?

Since Mortell’s first series was not released until November 21, Netflix did not have enough time to decide whether to continue the show in the future.

An important factor will be the reception that the show receives from fans and critics. Luckily for Netflix, viewers think it came on the show.

Fans want to explore SEASON 2!

What Netflix owners would prefer is that fans of the show quickly went on social media and are demanding a second season.

Fans on Twitter praised the show when a fan simply said, “Mortel Season 2 Now Please !!!!” While another tweeted more candidly and said, “MORTEL WAS F**KING AMAZING.” I can’t wait for season 2. Sound Track UGH. Bangers. If you hesitate, check it out. ”

A big compliment. Twitter is full of similar comments, but only time will tell if Netflix really gives fans what they want.


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