This came as a major shake to the series as, Mom, an American sitcom, is going to lose one of its title characters. The actor who is not going to appear in the eighth season is Anna Faris. If this happens then, the only lead character left will be Allison Janney. This move of exiting the series in the mid-way is definitely surprising. Booth the title characters, Janney and Faris, are in the middle of a contract. The contract is for two years, and they signed it in the spring of the year 2019 after a very long list of negotiations. Their latest deal secured a two-year renewal for the comedy through the eighth season.

Image Source – USA Today

She heard that the exit of Faris was finalized early into the hiatus of the show, and since then, the writers were busy writing the script of the new season without her character. Her absence will be seen in the upcoming season, which is scheduled to be starting its production from September 14 in Los Angeles.

Mom | This actor has left the show.

Faris said that the past seven years of ‘Mom’ had been some of the most rewarding and fulfilling of her career. She added that she is very thankful to Chuck, the scriptwriters, and her amazing cast members for help in creating a truly wonderful work experience. While her journey as Christy has finally come to an end, she is now open to new opportunities, and will be watching the next season of the show on her TV with her family.

Anna Faris
Image Source – USA Today

The production of the show is done by Chuck Lorre, and it has been done in association with Warner Bros Television. The creators of the show are Eddi Gorodetsky, Chuck Lorre, and Gemma Baker. These were the people who penned down the script for the show. The show landed with a pilot order in CBS on December 2012. Just after a couple of weeks, Faris chose to close the deal and starred in her first full-time television series role.

Mom is listed among the top comedy series on the television and all the seven seasons of the show has been a hit. Being a sitcom, it is very rare to talk and discuss about some important issues, and this show does that for you. One episode from the seventh season was left for filming due to the COVID-19, and it is not sure whether the next season will bring what was left in the previous one.



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