Horror and Darkish fantasy are one thing that all of us like to learn and, on the subject of the Manga Universe, nothing can beat the depth of Berserk. We’re going to recommend you 4 Manga that it’s essential to learn should you appreciated Berserk.

Berserk is a collection that includes epic battles from the world of swords and sorcery. The unique run for the Manga came about in 1989 with a complete of 40 Volumes. The story revolves round Guts, a boy who killed his adoptive father to free himself. With time, Guts beneficial properties a formidable status amongst individuals.

Griffith, the chief of “Band of the Hawk” mercenary, approaches Guts to affix his troupe to which he denies. Ultimately, Guts loses a battle towards Griffith and is compelled to affix the band. As time passes, Guts polishes his abilities and eventually defeats Griffith, making himself free from the mercenary. He then strikes to a solo coaching marketing campaign the place he will get to listen to that Griffith’s band is on the verge of extinction. 

Here’s a listing, which is a must-watch for everybody you had loved watching Berserk!

Demise Word

Gentle Yagami, a high-schooler in Tokyo, obtains a mysterious pocket book often called Demise Word. The ebook may kill individuals if the consumer is aware of the looks and identify of the goal. Gentle begins his killing streak from high-profile criminals in Japan, concentrating on worldwide criminals later.

With the entry of Ryuk, the earlier proprietor of the Demise Word, Gentle will get to study extra amusing info concerning the ebook. Ryuk, a Shinigami, explains how he dropped the Demise Word from his boredom into the human world. The Interpol police rent a detective, L, to resolve the homicide thriller of devoured criminals. The manga is additional accessible in Viz Media.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Thought of one of many darkest Manga, Assault on Titan revolves round Titans and their assault on Eldians who stay below the partitions. Eren Yeager, the principle character, wakes up at some point and witnesses Titans’ assault on Wall Maria. Watching his mom getting slaughtered by a titan, Eren makes a resolve to exterminate the Titans.

Assault on Titan

Titans are large creatures with the only real intention of murdering people. Transferring on with life, Eren realizes that he’s gifted with the founding Titan, a Titan which may management different species of the identical form. Betrayed by his family and friends, Eren quickly realizes that the world will finish by human greed, if not by Titans. 

Full Steel Alchemist

Moved by the idea of Alchemy, the Elric brothers commit the taboo of human transmutation. Making an attempt to carry again their lifeless mom to life, Edward and Alphonse Elric lose appreciable components of their physique. Roy Mustang, a flame Alchemist, invitations the Elric brother to affix the state alchemy membership.

Attacked by Scar, an Ishvalan, the brothers notice that there’s a approach to restore their our bodies. To revive their misplaced physique components, Elric and Alphonse combat many battles towards homunculus. On their journey to get their our bodies again to regular. Winry Rockbell is a childhood pal who supported who misplaced her dad and mom within the Ishvalan struggle.


It’s a story of a younger high-schooler, Shinichi Izumi, who’s attacked by a worm-like parasite thought-about an alien. Shinichi By some means prevents the parasite from coming into the physique from his nostril, however the parasite enters via his proper arm. 

Though they each have separate intellects, Shinichi and the parasite work collectively to maintain different parasites out of attain from his mind. It’s a horror-thriller and science fiction collection that discusses humanity and the relation between people and different creatures.


These have been our prime picks for Manga that it’s essential to learn should you appreciated Berserk. Seinen style is without doubt one of the most most popular by readers today. Horror, Epic battles, Sorcery, Darkish Fantasy, and Science fiction are among the finest choices should you like to learn Manga every now and then.


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