Wells played with Wez, the punk with all the iconic red mohawk, in1981’s Mad Max 2, that was his very first movie role after some recent television work in his native Australia. Then the movie became common sense. Wells gained the attention of Hollywood producers who throw him two 1985 classics, which are celebrating their 35th anniversary this season: Commando and Outrageous Science.

But, Wells remains probably most remembered for his job from the Mad Max franchise, and that explains why it’s a pity fan should not expect to see him at any future installations.

Talking to Forbes, Wells reported that he had approached Mad Max manager George Miller about his interest in returning to the franchise, which started his career. Still, Miller was not receptive to the notion because Wells’ first function in the show was just too iconic, and Miller thought audiences wouldn’t take watching him as another personality. But, Wells can check on the bright side of everything, stating, “I figure that means I did a fantastic job, however, right? ” Wells went on to state he”would like to do just a tiny part inside,” explaining, “I love George since he took a punt on someone who had been a nobody when he would have had anyone on this world because of the movie. He plucked me out of obscurity and gave me my livelihood. ”

There is always an opportunity Miller could alter his thoughts. The manager is currently in development on two Mad Max movies, among which is predicted to become a prequel to 2015’s beloved Mad Max: Fury Road. Meanwhile, another is seemingly set over four years following the next movie in the franchise, 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Miller’s remarks to Wells are intriguing, considering that his projected future for that the Mad Max franchise. As Wells mentioned, there’s lots of chance for him to look again. Additionally, the majority of the Mad Max movies have had dozens and dozens of ornately costumed history characters whose faces are hardly observable. It feels like it would not be that difficult for Miller to get away to adapt Wells’s desire without winking at crowds also overtly. But, fans will need to wait for another Mad Max set up to learn.


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