Season two of Love Is Blind might have reached a conclusion, yet the dramatic spice is being going on off-screen. Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee are one couple that fans have their eyes on after Natalie canceled their wedding at the special stepped area after a squabble. We’d likewise seen individual member Shaina Hurley pronounce her feelings for Shayne prior in the season. And presently Shayne has at last spoken on the matter. So are Shayne and Shaina dating?

His remark was remembered as an appreciation post for Natalie on Instagram, which additionally incorporated a set of charming photographs of the two. In it, Shayne marks Shaina and says he needs to “set out to settle a few different bits of gossip.” Moreover, Season 2 of Love Is Blind incorporated a staggering circle of drama including Shayne Jansen, Shaina Hurley, and Natalie Lee. In 2022, will Shayne and Shaina be together?


A few occurrences from the season surfaced once the get-together show broadcasted. One of the period’s features was counseling chief Natalie’s romantic tale with realtor Shayne. Notwithstanding, things were not quite as direct as they showed up. Fans looked as Shayne attempted to choose between Shaina, a hair specialist, and Natalie.

Are Shayne And Shaina From ‘Love is Blind’ Dating?

Shayne And Shaina

Natalie and Shayne’s relationship didn’t work out this season. And the two headed out in different directions forever. Regardless of their chemistry, Shayne and Shaina didn’t get together after the show. Shayne expressed that he and Shaina are not dating in a new Instagram post committed on Natalie. To settle the bits of hearsay, they are affable and have hung out in a bunch of social events with the cast. However they have never had and won’t ever have a love angle.

What happened between Shayne and Natalie, and how did it end?


After Shaina joined the image, things started to go ineffectively for Shayne and Natalie, who had consistently had a fragile relationship. Shayne at last picked Natalie to wed over the other two. Yet their wedding was a disaster. On account of a major battle the night prior to, the counseling administrator wouldn’t wed Shayne. Natalie later expressed in a meeting that following the ineffective wedding, she and Shayne allowed their relationship another opportunity.

Notwithstanding the way that the two are as of now not together. Shayne just composed a pleasant directive for Natalie on his Instagram. “Natalie Mina Lee,” Shayne inscribed a series of cute photographs with his ex-fiancee. What would it be advisable for me to do first? This journey with you will be one of the most important encounters of my life. It was unmistakably the best snapshot of my life, and I’d do everything over again assuming it implied investing more energy with you.” As a person watching the story again and again, he was embarrassed about his activities. And there was nothing left but to gain from them to be a superior man.


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