The Litecoin Foundation has acted as a managing producer for its newly published satanic heavy metal-themed comedic horror film”We Summon the Darkness.”

The Litecoin Foundation acted as an managing producer for its massive metal horror movie”We Summon the Darkness.”

The movie was created from the Los Angeles-based movie production business, and Litecoin recommends Common Opposition and has been released on April 10.

Litecoin Foundation one of the executive producers for comedy-horror movie
The base’s logo can be viewed from the trailer’s opening credits.

The film premiered at Fantastic Fest at Texas through September 2019 and premiered digitally past week.

Common Enemy created the movie, a manufacturing firm Jarod Einsohn and Kyle Tekiela — together with the base having formerly clarified Tekiela as a Litecoin community volunteer. Three of the 11 videos hosted on Shared Enemy’s YouTube channel market Litecoin (LTC) as a way of payment.

Litecoin Foundation involves the movie industry to induce adoption
The Litecoin Foundation was quietly working to nurture a presence in the movie world for approximately one year, together with the company sponsoring that the San Diego International Film Festival in October 2019.

Festival-goers who bought a six-day pass were awarded Litecoin they could contribute to movies accepted for screening in the occasion. The film to accumulate the maximum LTC contributions would acquire the”Litecoin Foundation Award” and get an extra $1,000 at Litecoin.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee said, “Volume adoption requires two things: consciousness and real-world usage cases. The movie industry assesses off both these boxes in a compelling way.”

Lee added, “Litecoin can be a highly effective tool for film funding, also by cooperating with the influential and creative folks within this area we now have a chance to introduce Litecoin to countless people throughout the world.”


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