Per a press release shared with that the Green Economic Daily, LG’s IT services arm, LG CNS, has published information about its”digital money,” that it says is currently using facial recognition technologies, cloud creations and AI improvements to permit contactless digital nominal payments — it says it operates even when individuals are wearing face masks.

Since formerly reported, LG CNS was analyzing its token in its main technology park because late 2018, together with commercial banking giant KB Bank also thought to be winning.

But, LG has been comparatively cagey on the situation of a potential token launch — not confirming nor denying accounts of its own internal evaluations.

The most recent development will observe the token analyzed at a cafeteria for workers, where LG CNS employees will be charged in a contact-free digital voucher, doing away with smart card or mobile phone QR signal obligations.

LG CNS added it intends to expand its pilot into quite a few restaurants and shops in LG offices throughout South Korea.

The business has been pushing forward with facial recognition hardware rollouts in its offices, whereby lots of digital barriers no longer use worker ID cards or smartphone NFC attributes, and scan workers’ faces. The business would like to commercialize such offerings and make them accessible to a 170 client businesses.

The business has stepped up its own facial recognition rollouts lately, which it uses to assess whether workers are wearing face masks, compulsory for all workers because the coronavirus pandemic proceeds. LG CNS states it’s been using the technologies together with hot imaging to quantify its workers’ temperatures — to help track for potential outbreaks.


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