Feel Me, the official music video for the song of Kanye West has leaked, and from the visual, anyone can depict that it is the rise of Kylie Jenner to fame. Eli Russell Linnetz, the director of the video of the song, Feel Me, shared the clip on September 2, Wednesday night on his Instagram handle for the first time. In the caption of his post, he wrote that he directed this music video about three years ago. He added that no one has ever seen this video before, #feelme. Eli Russell Linnetz gave an explanation to E! News about the concept of his song yesterday. The concept of the song symbolizes the stardom of Kylie Jenner and how she was able to achieve so much success in her life just because of her elder sister, Kim Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner was seen coming out of Kim Kardashian’s vagina.
Image Source – The Sun

To illustrate this thing well, it can be seen in the video that Kim is metaphorically giving birth to Kylie.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner music video leaked.

The director says that the video features Kylie coming out of the vagina of her elder sister, Kim. Well, we can understand the metaphorical meaning behind this concept, and it is that there would be no Kylie without Kim. The song featuring the ex-boyfriend of Kylie, Tyga began circulating online in the year 2016, and the visual was made three years ago. However, it was never released officially due to the split of Tyga, the rapper and Kylie, which occurred after the completion of video.

Leaked Visual shows, Kylie Jenner would be nothing without Kim Kardashian.
Image Source – The Sun

Eli Russell Linnetz tells that the video was filmed for over five months but was never officially released because Tyga and Kylie broke up. He additionally says that the cost of the production video was nearly $1 million and it is the visual smashing of American iconography, man-made women battled by man-made machinery.

What can be seen in the leaked visual of the Feel Me song?

In the leaked video of Feel Me, we can see Kylie walking through the race track of a monster truck in racy clothing while Kim was wearing a similar two-piece outfit. It is still not clear why the director shared this visual on his Instagram handle. If in case you have not seen the leaked visual yet, you can see it right here below.

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