In an exclusive voiceover, Justin Bieber talks about BTS, and in that voiceover, he explained that how much the Dynamite song of BTS is such a big deal. The singer just showed that he is also a fan of BTS, just like the rest of the ARMY. Justin was heard talking about BTS and their super hit song, Dynamite in an exclusive voiceover for E-News. He also gave the reasons of the band dynamite song being such a big deal.


The first reason that the singer gave was, Dynamite is the first-ever English song of BTS. He also noticed, that the video of Dynamite by BTS gains most views in a single day in the history of YouTube and along with that, it is the most commented video available on the platform. Also, the song has successfully made its debut at no.1 position on the Billboard Hot 100. The singer added that this debut in the Billboard Hot 100 list has made BTS, the first of all the South Korean groups to top the chart.

Justin Bieber About Dynamite | BTS knows how to create history.

Justin said in a statement that if anyone knows how to create history, it’s BTS. The Korean Pop group has been shattering global records across the music industry. He added that from ringing in the New Year in the Times Square to Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, they have performed in the Grand Centra Station for The Tonight Show and wowed at the virtual VMAs of this year.

BTS was the show-stealer during the 2020 MTV VMAs, along with their knock-out performance of Dynamite. Despite having limitations of doing things virtually due to the ongoing global pandemic, the Korean-Pop group made sure that it is was going to be a show to remember. Justin Bieber said in the voiceover.

Justin Bieber and BTS
Image Source – Teen VogueTeen Vv

For this performance, thee members of BTS were looking handsome and prestigious than ever, along with their killer look in a total business attire. BTS members nailed each and every move they did. Moreover, the band won two awards at the ceremony, one for Best Group, an another for Best K-Pop.

BTS spoke to the co-host of Daily Pop, Carissa Culiner, before the event and explained to her the reason for making Dynamite in English. They said that the vibe of the song really shined through when the song was sung in English.


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