James Corden provoked the ire of the fans of One Direction, as he teased the fans with an unseen footage of the One Direction band, before saying that he would not kidnap the members of the band so they could reunite. The 42-year-old host of the show, The Late, Late Show, revealed on Wednesday that he and his team had been inundated with the messages about kidnapping Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan in the last few months.



Ben Winston, the producer of the show, said earlier in the day, in response to a fan’s tweet made in the year 2017 about the McDonalds outtakes of the group from Carpool Karaoke, said that they would be able to see the footage tonight and shared a snippet of it even before deleting the post. The fans of the show were notably not happy with the turn of events, as they claimed that they would be cancelling the Late, Late Show if Ben and James did not deliver on their promise.

James Corden about kidnapping One Direction

One of the fans of the show wrote that if James Corden does not give them any content, then they will be cancelling the Late, Late Show. While another fan shared a picture in which Louis was looking emotional, and wrote that James had proved once again that all men do is lie. Heading out onto the Late, Late Show, Corden began his monologue by addressing the fact that so many fans of the show have requested them that he kidnap One Direction.

James Corden in The Late, Late Show
Image Source – Digital Spy

He admitted that he made a point not to read the comments that are made about himself of the how on the social media, it is a very little thing that he calls self-care, but from the past few months, there is a trend online that he had not been able to ignore. As we can see that he has had thousands of comments on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, in which he was asked that he kidnap One Direction, and it is all his feed is.

He said that we all know that they have willingly appeared on his show and he is not bragging about himself, but he does have their phone numbers.

Here is the video which he shared to tease the fans from Carpool Karaoke.


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