Devin Ratray was already arrested in 2021 after being accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. This time, according to CNN, via Rolling Stone, the actor known for playing Buzz McCallister in the classic ‘They forgot me‘ was also accused of rape.

The incident took place in mid-2017. At the time, the victim, Lisa Smitheven reported the rape to the New York Police Department — the investigation, however, was eventually shelved.

Lisain an interview with the vehicle, recalled that it all happened one night in 2017, when she, her brother and another friend went to her apartment. Devin Ratray in Manhattan. That day, after drinking a drink suggested by the actor, Smith would have been intoxicated on a sofa, where she would have been abused for a long time.

The woman filed a charge against the actor with the NYPD. At the time, however, the department responsible for the complaint ended up dropping the case after some time gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Thus, Injured was not charged and the victim decided to publicize the case in the media.

“Why would I have met with the DA in the first place, years ago, if I wasn’t willing to press charges? All of this was very upsetting for me.”said Lisa.

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Devin Ratray denied all of Lisa Smith’s allegations. In October of this year, however, the actor will be tried for the assaults against his ex-girlfriend, which would have taken place in Oklahoma City.

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