Horror picture icon Hellraiser is becoming a brand-new television series which will be created for HBO with David Gordon Green directing the pilot.

Hellraiser is creating a return, now in a new tv show being designed for HBO. The iconic terror character Pinhead was seen in 2018’s Hellraiser: Judgment, the 10th instalment of this long-running series. After the poor fan and critical reception of Hellraiser: Bloodline, the following sequels have headed straight to video.

The narrative centred on sadomasochistic entities called the Cenobites that, when summoned, drag their eager participants to Hell, where they’re tortured endlessly till they learn to appreciate it. The first movie made its debut in 1987, creating a splash with audiences and critics alike. After Barker finished his job on the first and second movies in the show, he chose to part ways with the franchise.

A brand new Hellraiser television show is now in development at HBO with David Gordon Green series to guide the pilot episode of this series and many more. Gordon Green’s last movie credit he led was 2018’s sequel to the first Halloween, that was crucial and monetary success for Blumhouse, grossing an impressive $255 million globally on a small budget of only $10 million.

The last anyone heard of that the Hellraiser franchise was once a new movie reboot was declared with David Goyer and Spyglass Media Group growing it. They’d picked authors Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski to decode the story and hired David Bruckner to guide, famous for his work V/H/S. Though other particulars about the job have remained shrouded in mystery, Spyglass has said that their brand new take will probably be”faithful, nonetheless evolved.”

Gordon Green’s directorial abilities will be seen from the Halloween sequel, Halloween Kills. The movie will become once more star Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, as she crosses paths together and struggles the infamous Michael Myers. Though storyline details for the movie are rare at this moment, author Scott Teems has said he believes the sequel will be more extreme than its predecessor.

When there’s one horror icon which warrants a much-desired reinvention, it is Pinhead. Although the personality made a solid first impression with his first two movies, the storytelling and mythology of these sequels were a substantial step down. David Gordon Green, who’s done a superb job making Michael Myers frightening again, can surely provide the same support for this cherished horror personality. He is demonstrated to be skilful in the horror genre, therefore watching him expand his horizons farther inside that park is fantastic to view. Audiences will need to wait and see whether he’ll pull off another compelling reimagining if Hellraiser makes its debut on HBO.


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