In an interview with We Got This Coveredthe actress Jamie Clayton (‘Sense8’) revealed what it was like to have the opportunity to play the female version of Pinhead in the reboot of ‘Hellraiser‘.

“When I started acting, just over a decade ago, my goal was to play different roles. I wanted a chance to audition for different things. And because I’m a trans woman, I’m always marked to play only one type of role. When they decided to cast a woman [para interpretar o Pinhead]I never thought I would actually make it.”

she completes, “I am very grateful for the opportunity. [O diretor] David Brucker is amazing. I wanted to work with him, and I finally got the opportunity. I love having the chance to play all kinds of characters. I felt really lucky when they cast different types of women for this role.”

The terror will be released in the Hulu no October 7th. In Brazil, it will be available on Star+but does not yet have a release date.

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David Bruckner (‘The Ritual’) is in charge of the direction.

In the plot, a young woman struggling with her addiction takes possession of an ancient box, unaware that the goal has the power to summon the Cenobites, a group of supernatural and sadistic beings from another dimension.

Jamie Clayton (‘Sense8’) will star as the Priestess of Hell – female version of the villain Pinhead.

The cast will still have Odessa A’zion (‘Nashville’), Brandon Flynn (’13 Reasons Why’), Goran Visnjic (‘The Boys’), Drew Starkey (‘Outer Banks’), Adam Faison (‘Into the Dark’), Aoife Hinds (‘Normal People’) e Hiam Abbass (‘Succession’).

The screenplay was written by Ben Collins e Luke Piotrowskiwith whom the filmmaker has already worked in the coming ‘the dark house‘.

The project is being developed by the producer Spyglass Mediawho is also behind the new film in the franchise ‘Panic‘.

The original film, released in 1987 and directed by Clive Barkerrevolved around an unfaithful wife encounters her dead lover’s zombie, who is being stalked by demons after he escaped his sadomasochistic hell.

In total, the original franchise had 10 films, but only the first four were released in theaters.

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