Halloween Ends‘ is finally showing in theaters, marking the conclusion of the new trilogy inspired by the classic franchise started in 1978 by the director John Carpenter.

Despite having only achieved 44% approval from critics, the title received praise from the veteran filmmaker.

As many fans know, the long Carpenter set the tone for the subgenre slasherwith his film primarily focusing on the immortal villain Michael Myers as he stalks babysitter Laurie Strode on Halloween night.

Strode, who is central to the new trilogy, is played by Jamie Lee Curtis – from who Carpenter is a big fan.

While talking to the MovieMaker, Carpenter praised the ‘risks’ in ‘Halloween Ends‘ and the extraordinary performance of Curtissaying:

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“It went really well! I liked it a lot. It’s quite different [dos outros filmes da franquia]. I liked the risks taken in the plot. Jamie [Lee Curtis] it’s just extraordinary. She is just wonderful and I am so proud of her.”

In addition to Carpenter, Stephen King also gave his opinion on the sequel commanded by David Gordon Green.

On his Twitter profile, the legendary horror master said that he liked the film and that he found it “surprisingly driven by the characterem“, although it’s not something as innovative as reinventing the wheel.

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“I liked ‘Halloween Ends‘. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it is – sigh! – surprisingly character driven.”

Among the criticisms, international experts were divided as to the script and the conduct of the work, despite praising Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

Check out the main comments:

“I’ll say this: even though I’m a fan of the franchise, when the title came up at the end of “Halloween Ends”, I found myself hoping to God they weren’t kidding.”, Jason Bailey – Playlist.

“It’s like watching a pilot episode for an anthology horror series ‘Tales of Haddonfield’ where scary things happen on October 31st but are only tangentially related to the original films. It’s not a bad tone for a series, but it’s not a very satisfying movie.” William Bibbiani – The Wrap

“This trilogy defies expectations and warrants more than a few feathers with its bold and often baffling choices.”, Meagan Navarro.

“Just as David Gordon Green seems to have finally freed his legacy trilogy from the dead weight of the past, the film loses the courage of its convictions.”, Keith Watson.

“It’s disconcerting how actively resistant this seems to the idea of ​​it being just a good horror movie.” Trace Savior – Austin Chronicle.

“The whole experience feels like a vision board or collage of ideas rather than a proper movie.”, Hannah Lodge.

“Like the two previous films, [o diretor David Gordon] Green offers two hours of horror fun. And Laurie and Allyson are admirable warriors worth rooting for.” – The Strait Times.

“…a half-raw, half-dumb waste of time, and a rotten way to conclude a beloved, if under siege, franchise” – OUR MOVIE.

“Strictly adhering to the formula of dark rooms and glowing blades, the film delivers the necessary share of cheap scares and carnage to satisfy fans of the franchise” – jimschembri.com.

“It might not be the movie we want or deserve, but it aims for an altered presence that at least cuts through any predictability” – The AU Review.

“There is a strange majesty in the wild final minutes of the last Halloween’. Stand firm for this and the fierce resistance of Jamie Lee Curtis” – Nobody’s Reading This But Me.

“Four years after the events of ‘Halloween Kills‘, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) as you finish writing your memoirs. Michael Myers has not been seen since. After being haunted by his presence for decades, Laurie is determined to let go of her fear and start living. But when a young man, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, the return of violence and terror will force Laurie to finally face the evil she cannot control, once and for all.”

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