The A-list cast of Frozen, the billion-dollar movie of Disney returned for the latest sequel of the movie, which will be arriving in the theaters on November 22. But, apart from Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad, other actors like Martha Plimpton and Rachel Wood have joined the cast. This article will be further providing you with an introduction to the cast members of Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 | Real life pictures of the cast

  • Queen Elsa – Voiced By Idina Menzel, the Broadway icon. She provides the powerhouse vocals for the regular scenes of Queen Elsa in addition to the epic ballads that she sings throughout both the films.
Queen Elsa and Idina Menzel
Image Source – Insider
  • Young Elsa – Voiced By Mattea Conforti. She provided the voice for the younger version of Elsa.

    Young Elsa and Mattea Conforti
    Image Source – Insider
  • Princess Anna – voiced by Kristen Bell. She did the singing for the musical moments of her character.
Princess Anna and Kristen Bell
Image Source – Insider
  • Young Anna – voice by Hadley Gannaway, she voiced for the younger version of Anna.
Young Anna and Hadley Gannaway
Image Source – Insider
  • King Agnar – voiced by Alfred Molina; he took over the role for the expanded part of the King in the flashbacks.


King Agnar and Alfred Molina
Image Source – Insider
  • Queen Iduna – voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, Iduna was earlier voiced by someone else in the first movie now Evan gives her voice to the queen.
Queen Iduna and Evan Rachel Wood
Image Source – Insider
  • Kristoff and Sven – both voiced by Jonathan Groff, he gave his voice for both Kristov and his reindeer Sven.
Kristoff, Sven, and Jonathan Groff
Image Source – Insider
  • Olaf – voiced by Josh Gad, he gave voice to the lovable snowman Olaf
Olaf and Josh Gad
Image Source – Insider
  • Pabbie the troll – voiced by Ciarán Hinds, he gave his voice to the leader of the trolls, Pabbie.
Pabbie and Ciarán Hinds
Image Source – Insider
  • Yelena, the new character in the sequel – voiced by Martha Plimpton, she gave her voice to the leader of the Northuldra people, Yelena.
Yelena and Martha Plimpton
Image source – Insider
  • Honeymaren – voiced by Rachel Matthews; she provided the voice to Honeymaren.
Honeymaren and Rachel Matthews
Image Source – Insider
  • Ryder – voiced by Jason Ritter, he gave his voice to the third Northuldra character, Ryder.
Ryder and Jason Ritter
Image Source – Insider
  • Lieutenant Mattias – voiced by Sterlin K. Brown, he gave his voice to Lieutenant Mattias. 



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