according to Colliderthe 2nd season of horror ‘FROM’produced by Russo brothersadded five new cast members.

The information indicates that Nathan D. Simmons, Bald Ohm, Angela Moore, AJ Simmons e Deborah Glover will be part of the next episodes as regular characters.

However, details about their roles were not revealed.

The new iteration, which will have ten episodeshas already started to be shot in Nova Scotia, Canada, and should debut in 2023.

Enjoy watching:

The series was created and written by John Griffin.

In a grim city in the center of the United States that traps anyone who dares to enter, residents struggle to survive and find a way out. But they are bombarded by threats from the forest that surrounds the city – including terrifying nocturnal creatures.

Harold Perrineau, Eion Bailey, Catherine Sandino-Moreno, Shaun Majumder, Avery Konrad, Hannah Cheramy, Ricky He, Simon Webster and others star.

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