Now, someone moved ETH 3,221 (USD 762,990) using a marginally lower transaction charge of ETH 2,310 (USD 544,028). In general, USD 5.7 million have spent Ethereum trade fees via three trades during the previous few days, and a few business analysts and firms assert that somebody is attempting to send a message. (Updated at 15:28 UTC: the very first paragraph was upgraded, a new segment – Is it a herculean effort? – in the end of the Guide has been additional

This time, the trade wasn’t sent from precisely the same speech and originated from a pocket with the”MiningPoolHub: Old Address 7″ tag. It had been created from the f2pool, who stated they’re exploring the trade and have been in communication with the sender.

The regularity of trades has prompted fascinating speculations about what they might mean, with lots of crypto commentators claiming that it might be a hack, money laundering effort, or even a mere error.

By way of instance, crypto analyst and founding partner at Primitive Ventures, Dovey Wan, said that the trades look increasingly like a message by an attacker as opposed to a mistake.

Can it be a herculean effort?

Another interpretation is that these high prices are”gas cost ransomware strikes, and” assert China-based blockchain analytics firm PeckShield, as reported by Chain news.

The investigators say it is exceedingly probable that the hackers have access to unidentified crypto market funds, which are shielded with multi-signatures and may draw them into whitelisted wallets. Therefore, they’re making trades with additional high fees and won’t quit before the business meets their needs. Even so, this analysis applies to the first two trades only, and it remains unclear whether the next high fee trade is connected to the initial two or not.


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