Singapore – The Doraemon robot would have a nice manga character full of blue cats and is mature.

We know as much as possible from the series and the stories: the tool he wants is to get rid of the bad thing about Doraemon Nobi Nobita and the weakest people. However, it is almost the situation that finds us, which has even more problems. In the end, the happy story is generally known as a beautiful moral document.

He remains very famous, forty-five years after conducting his first appearance. This month, Straits Times readers voted Doraemon as a favourite for a Christmas tree and have appeared in new 3D cinemas.

Here are some facts about the forces that cats don’t know;

Doraemon 1. What does this mean?

Doraemon Movie

He is playing with the words “Dora”. It grows “in Japan” and is likely to have connotations. Gong has Doraemon’s round body as his favourite food.

“Emon is an old male name.

2. When was Doraemon?

This doesn’t apply, and Ave, kitten, Doraemon is definitely a cat, but isn’t it an ear function?

And it was the first cat-ear robot paint factory on August 3, 2112, and has the production code MS-903.

Contest 2112: The Birth of Doraemon (1995) for its exact birth story, and robots took it as a mistake.

Therefore, they ate the ears of the carob robotic mouse Phobia. The wounded and wounded, so worried, that they shouted, turned to the blue sky. They shouted and drowned all his things without his voice.

3. How is Doraemon coming today?

He was sent to the aid of his grandfather, Sewashi Nobi, who chose Nobita, who had been guilty of a bad chance because of the debt.

In the famous original manga scene released in 1969, it is Nobita who brings the water from the robot to the table.

Doraemon Movie show

4. Is there a tool for Doraemon in real life?

Around 4,500 gadgets have appeared in thousands of comics, cartoons and Doraemon movies. The modern technology used by Yogigen to work in his pocket shows Doraemon (a four-dimensional pocket).

5. Who is the author of Doraemon?

Doraemon Hiroshi Fujimoto and the creation of the Hibiki engine. Then, in 1951 and 1987, he published several files simultaneously. It happened for three reasons: the origin of the toy, in a fixed Doraemon, Fujimoto’s daughter; I was aware of the fight with cats, And he wanted to help her find a new manga concept for a variety of reasons.


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