The new scene surfaced during a recent occasion in which former cast and crew combined lovers in live-tweeting in addition to Doctor Who’s year four two-part finale, “The Stolen Earth” and”Journey’s End.” The 2008 episodes are one of Sladen’s final looks on Doctor Who since the celebrity would, unfortunately, pass away from cancer in 2011.

Sladen first depicted Sarah Jane Smith together with the Third (Jon Pertwee) and Doctors (Tom Baker) from the mid-1970s. Still, she returned to film a pilot for Doctor Who’s the very first effort at a spinoff series, K-9 and business, in addition to afterward multi-Doctor specials. In 2006, Sladen could reprise Sarah Jane again at the resurrection of Doctor Who, first emerging together with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) at the season two episode, “School Reunion,” before returning in the season 4 finale. In the meantime, Sladen would star in still another Doctor Who’s spinoff series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, where she teams with her nimble robot dog sidekick, K-9, in addition to a fresh cast of kids to address odd mysteries. The Sarah Jane Adventures would operate until Sladen’s departure in 2011, and today thanks to some brief scene composed by Davies, the series has appropriate farewell for the leading lady.

Titled “Farewell, Sarah Jane,” Davies composed the brief epilogue scene to honor Sladen along with her gifts to Doctor Who. The script was then sent together to Sladen’s Sarah Jane Adventures co-stars, who reprise their roles for its epilogue. As a result of continuing the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole scene needed to be listed generously, but Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony, Anjli Mohindra, and Mina Anwar all filmed sections. Watch the brand new epilogue scene completely, below.

Davies’ epilogue scene is a touching tribute to one of The physician’s many stalwart companions, observing not only her brave soul but the lasting effect she had on people who knew her. Given her participation at Doctor Who for more than 40 decades, Sladen’s Sarah Jane is among the series’s most well-known companies, and her departure was deeply felt by the whole Doctor Who’s community. Therefore, it is wholly suitable for Sladen to get such a beautiful sendoff in the series. Sarah Jane could be gone, but her years of experience both without and with The physician will live on for a long time to come.


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