Dexter Season 9: Exciting news for the forthcoming Season 9 of Dexter on the way. And as John Cusack could have a significant role. If it occurs, this will make him the second actor authenticated so far besides Michael C. Hall. So far, Cusack is said to be in the running for the position.

Dexter and Michael C. Hall

Dexter first opened in 2006 and soon shifted one of Showtime’s most renowned shows. The series went on to win two Golden Globes and won mainly positive reviews best up to the final season. However, Season 8 supposed to be one of the most hated denouements on TV. This is because it didn’t provide Dexter, or any promoting artists, a delightful ending.

Dexter season 9

Fans will recognise that Dexter (Michael C. Hall) lost Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) into the ocean. He then turned his boat into the hurricane. The final scene wrapped conferring Dexter alive and serving as a lumberjack in Oregon. This finale provoked many long-time supporters of the show. However, Showtime revealed in October that Michael C. Hall is turning as Dexter for a new, short series.

Not much known of Season 9 as yet

Production on Season 9 of Dexter is yet to start. So there is little knowledge about the serial killer’s return. However, a former report teased that Dexter was now existing under an expected name “in a world away from Miami.” This could both maintain his Oregon storyline or could start new someplace else.

Showtime must purchase Dexter for its fans.

Whether or not Cusack does get the position, Showtime has a lot to do in Season 9 to cover themselves with fans. This could be a second chance for them to finish the main character’s storyline correctly. However, showrunner Clyde Phillips performed it clear they won’t emphasise anything from the previous eight seasons.

Dexter season 9

This suggests Deb might not grow back to life to get a more satisfactory ending. However, it also means Dexter could reconvene with his son Harrison and former girl Hannah to tie a bow on their storylines.

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