During this harrowing time of being caged inside your home, watching this extremely underrated but entertaining anime series — Deca-Dence will leave your mind blown; jaw slacked. Having so many correlations with our world (with the way things are), this peculiar post-apocalypse cyborg societal story is worth watching!

Premiered this July, Hiroshi Seko wrote this exceptionally rich series with a unique storyline. At first glance, it may appear to have a resemblance with ‘Attack On Titan’ but that is untrue. There is a vast difference in their storyline and world-building.

For the ones who are currently watching this anime, here are some need-to-know details.


‘Deca-Dence’ Episode 10 will release on September 9, 2020. The episodes air weekly in Japan at 11.30 PM as per Japan Standard Time. The First Season will mostly comprise 12 Episodes in total. Hence, we can expect this season to end this month.

Deca-Dence World: Mobile Fortress City. Image Source: Bateszi.me


You can watch Deca-Dence by subscribing to Funimation. Or if you already have a subscription paid for on Hulu, it is available there as well.

Here’s a synopsis of Deca-Dence for the ones who have yet to watch it-

SYNOPSIS: (Warning!! Contains Spoilers)

In this series about a dystopian game-world of “Deca-Dence”, the sudden and bizarre emergence of mysterious life forms called Gadoll in the actual world left the human population decimated. Air Pollution has also reached lethal levels there. So before tackling this, several corporations developed cyborgs to do human functions. Eventually, humans became the minority of the two, and a different corporation (Solid Quake Corporation) began ruling over the world on which the survival of humanity weighs.

To resist these monstrous creatures, the remaining humans pooled their wisdom and built a Deca-Dence fortress. This is where the endangered species; i.e. humans live now.

Deca Dence Fortress’s Wall. Image Source: The Nation Roar.

It is a 3000 meters-high mobile fortress city surrounded by walls, built to protect the denizens from Gadolls. Outside those walls are the monstrous Gadolls.


Dividing the denizens between Tankers & Gears, there dwells a lowly tanker girl, Natsume, who dreams to one day become a Gear Warrior(A warrior class coexisting along with humans) who goes out and kills Gadolls. But that dream seems farfetched as she has lost her right arm in the same battle she lost her father’s life. Natsume felt defeated before long, derided by her peers and instructor for lacking both “sound mind” and body paramount to serve as one of the Gears. Until her path crosses with Kaburagi’s.

Deca-Dence (2020) A Battle. Image Source: The Otaku Author

In this world, Tankers (humans) are the non-fighters who pick up on odd jobs and serve the Deca-Dence society. They assigned Natsume to a maintenance team led by a repairman, Kaburagi. Kaburagi has a hidden motive to eliminate “bugs”, humans who threaten Solid Quake’s Operations. When Kaburagi discovers that Natsume is listed as dead on the database, he decides to have a close watch on her under the pretense to train her to fight.

Fun fact: They can use Gadolls Lifeblood ‘Oxyone’ as fuel.

As intriguing as this plot is, the music by Masahiro Tokuda is also excellent, hooking the watchers by its essence. If you are a fan of Dystopia and Mythology, do not miss out on watching this masterpiece! Because I sniff that this series has the potential to surpass even Attack on Titans. With its stellar presentation and world-building, credit goes to director Yuzuru Tachikawa and NUT studio, the show is an extraordinary piece of work.

Trying to figure out and predict this series? Stay tuned with us for more!


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