The broadcaster officially unveiled the release date of the German science fiction film and proved that Netflix Dark’s mysterious timeline is fast approaching.

Netflix chose June 27 (Saturday) as the first day of the darkest and last third season. Although the broadcast guitar was not used to hold the Prime Minister on Saturday (usually Friday), this special day is not a poem since June 27 is the day of a conspiracy-related apocalypse. Indeed, unforgettable time travel systems have shown the cycle of chronology and appear to be intended for change and/or total destruction. By looking at the apocalypse scene you can see the new preview of “Dark Time 3”. The trailer was announced the next day.

dark season3

As you can see below, the time-critical limitation of Jonas (Louis Hoffman) and those closest to him (like Erotic Martha (Lisa Vicari) is in the future. The first dark season (after the mysterious and mysterious disappearance of a children’s story) focuses on seemingly supernatural secrets in a German city and finally reveals that there are three larvae under its core structure, with each worm connected. Different periods until 2019 are 1986 and 1953, respectively. three times in 2020, 1987 and 1954.

This item is a revelation game-changer, proving that the series has far more ambitions than the standard Moros Rose that stops the crime story and not even the first comparison with Netflix’s “Stranger” -Things do when.

“Dark Side 3” is released.


When Odar announced that the series had returned, he also reported the news that the film should be released sometime in 2020. Filming will be completed in mid-December 2019, so it looks like it could be in early 2020. On May 14, 2020, Baran bo Odar wrote on Instagram that all season 3 work has been completed, which in turn is the case. Shows that it can be released in summer. Finally, on May 26, Netflix confirmed the date with the third season trailer: June 27.

This date corresponds to the work structure. After processing this information, Netflix plans to release the last of the following episodes: An episode: June 27, 2020, for this day and the unveiling Even if it’s a Saturday, the show’s streaming service typically publishes the program on Fridays.

  When is the third season?

When you start to deal with it mentally, dark performance often causes headaches. Time travel on the show has some rules: everything is cyclical, the past cannot be changed, and there are many confusing relationships between husband and family, such as the revelation that Elizabeth and Charlotte are each other’s mothers (??). Whether you’re brainwashing until the brain explodes or you’re confused about the end of season two, it’s so intense that you’ve given it a plan to guess the next step – everything will be in the third Relay play a role.


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