Dark Desire Season 2: Ark Desire (or Oscuro Deseo as it’s known in Spanish regions) has one of the July 2020 releases’ dark scaffolds. It trended throughout the world. And now the series carries the accolade of signifying the most-watched debut season of a non-English show in Netflix’s history. Also, the series now confirmed for season 2. 

Dark Desire Season 2

Here’s what we know. 

Eighteen episodes of the magnificent drama series that originates from Mexico by Argos Comunicación arrived on Netflix on July 15th, 2020. Here’s what you can suspect if you have yet to dive in with the trailer:

The order is the sixth most followed title on Netflix worldwide in July 2020. And also the second most widespread title for August 2020 after The Umbrella Academy for August 2020.

We also got some accurate stats for how well the series worked alongside the season 2 release. Netflix asserts it’s the biggest non-English debut season of a show since Elite. Also, which had 20 million families watched in the initial 28 days back in 2018.

One reason the program is doing so well could be due to the “COVID thirst.” And as I’m dubbing it, which should lead to other sexy headings like 365 Days being so encouraging. 

 Dark Desire renewed for season 2?

After around a month, Netflix formally permitted to a second season. Also, while also delivering viewing stats for season 1, confirming the hit we knew the series was.

When will Dark Desire season 2 announcement on Netflix?

Mexico affected by the virus explosion just as much as any other country. (sad to see the pandemic burst out all worldwide)

Filming has obviously restart in some situations in Mexico but with added limitations.

Notably, Netflix has started numerous funds to help those afflicted by the shutdown. Which also adding a $100M relief fund split within Mexico and Brazil.

Our best contemporary guestimate is when we can assume season 2 of Dark Desire on Netflix in late 2021.

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