Despite economies all around the world confronting ever-worsening financial problems amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic, it appears like the crypto business was able to weather the storm, at least so far. In this aspect, Binance — the world’s biggest cryptocurrency market — has attained an arrangement to obtain CoinMarketCap, among the most apparent crypto data sites.

Furthermore, he also considers that this latest arrangement will help both companies build on each other’s strengths, too, to make the business more transparent and more approachable.

Zhao further pointed out that his group was in talks using CMC for a month or two and that he couldn’t comment on the fiscal component of the deal because it’s been legally procured employing a non-disclosure arrangement. With that said, it’s rumored that the buyout is well worth an astounding $400 million.

What to make of everything?

Supplying his ideas on the topic, Eric Benz, the CEO of Changelly, a crypto market, informed Cointelegraph that having understood the CoinMarketCap group for several decades now, he’s convinced that this deal will benefit both parties. In his opinion, the timing of this arrangement for Binance could not have been improved, since the effects of the coronavirus have been felt across several distinct industries. He added:

“If there was any acquisition to be made in this crypto climate, then CMC was it. Binance has done a wonderful job to make this happen and also wish them the utmost success in making this platform even better for its users. On the one hand, it might appear to be a one-sided deal, but on the other, it shows just how important crypto market data is, and this is merely the beginning of the merger and acquisition phase of crypto.”

A similar outlook is shared with Mike Alfred, the CEO, and co-founder of Digital Assets Data, a fintech company, who informed Cointelegraph that Binance is one of the most influential and most respected businesses currently working inside the crypto ecosystem. Consequently, it came as no surprise they are acting decisively through a time when many companies have come to be very constrained in their general operational and fiscal capacities. Alfred further afield:

“The deal is highly strategic on multiple levels and will put Binance in an even more powerful position relative to other exchanges when BTC heads back towards all-time highs.”

Will the acquisition skew CMC’s operations?

Ever since the above information became mainstream, Binance has said on many occasions that CMC will continue to function as an independent business entity. CZ has promised that the acquisition won’t change CMC’s freedom from outside stakeholders, implying that his firm’s activities will have no kind of influence on the information system’s positions at all.

Nonetheless, in the brief term, CMC will confront minor internal restructuring, since the organization’s founder and current CEO, Brandon Chez, will resign from being replaced by CMC’s latest chief strategy officer, Carylyne Chan — that will function as the interim CEO.

Also, in the commercial standpoint, Wachsman advised Cointelegraph any skewing of results — on Binance’s benefit — would necessarily bring about a harmful impact on CMC’s visitors, for example, use of their company’s proprietary data in cost oracles. Wachsman farther added:

“Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap is a clear signal that major crypto media sites and trusted digital asset data companies –– those with strong numbers and a sticky user base –– have marketable equity value. Because of the executive team’s integrity and because the value of the CoinMarketCap property is based on trust in that data, I am convinced that CMC will stay the course as an independent organization.”

In the same way, Erick Pinos, the American ecosystem direct in Ontology, a people blockchain job and distributed hope cooperation platform, informed Cointelegraph that comparable business acquisitions created by Binance previously have until today continued to function as independent entities.

But he did concede that the majority of these jobs have ended up incorporating at least one of all Binance’s native offerings in their core support portfolio. In essence, Trust Wallet,” as an instance, is a multi-token wallet which included Binance’s DEX after it had been purchased out from the crypto giant.

How can the buyout impact CMC and Binance?

From a purely financial standpoint, the deal appears to make sense for CMC because the platform has a continuous revenue-generating firm with its advertisements and compensated API plans.

In this respect, he pointed out in February 2020, CoinMarketCap enrolled 5.19 million visits from American consumers, which can be approximately 14.1percent of the organization’s traffic, while Binance just had 8 percent of its internet traffic come in the U.S. — about translating to nearly 1.9 million net hits.

Furthermore, Wachsman considers that CoinMarketCap currently has an excellent collection of alternatives when it has to do with becoming commercialized. For starters, as an internet marketing platform, it’s nonetheless a fantastic solution for anyone seeking to get their message into crypto fans in a large number of regions. Moreover, Wachsman emphasized that financial aid from Binance may raise CMC’s beauty, also, to turn the information system to a significant generator of prospects for new registrants.

What’s more, Ridyard considers that CZ includes a long term strategy in your mind concerning the particular acquisition, as well as passes will probably use this chance to squeeze a variety of his institution’s core competitors from the marketplace. Additionally, he hopes to see that the business continue its present course of consolidation, whereas cash-rich buyers will probably continue to”wind good tactical plays at cheaper costs.” Ridyard shut out by stating:

Though a massive part of the worldwide crypto community appears to feel that this newest acquisition by Binance is still an indication of this crypto industry getting more powerful, Evgen Verzun, the creator of HyperSphere.AI, a decentralized cloud, informed Cointelegraph the deal is only a mere manifestation of the coronavirus-induced financial crisis that’s forcing investors and companies to discover new techniques to save their cash.

The above remark appears to be following recent reports, which implied that CoinMarketCap was facing several fiscal limitations since 2019 — even forcing the company to perform its daily operations with nominal monetary resources. By way of instance, in October 2019, Chan said that CMC would continue using its coverage of”bootstrapping and climbing” shortly.


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