Cole Sprouse has set the record on his relationship with the Riverdale costar, Lili Reinhart, straight. The 28-year-old actor captioned a picture of Lili that was shared on his Instagram handle on Wednesday. The actor wrote in the caption that he and Lily were initially separated in the month of January this year, and decided that they will be permanently split up in the month of March.

He added that he had a wonderful experience, feels lucky and cherish the chance that he had to fall in love. “I wish her nothing but the utmost happiness and love moving forward. This is all I would like to say, anything else that you hear, doesn’t matter.” Ever since this happened, their fans are eager to know whether they have moved into separate relationships or not. This article will take you through what’s currently happening in the lives of Sprouse and Reinhart.


Sprouse went on and on supporting Reinhart, as her movie is coming soon. Lili is executively producing and starring in a film called, Chemical Hearts. The movie is based on a novel by Krystal Sutherland, and is all set to be released on Friday on the online streaming service providing platform, Amazon Prime Video. The actor added that he is sure that Lily will be as incredible in the film as she is in everything else that she does.

Cole Sprouse and Lily Reinhart
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Cole Sprouse and Lily Reinhart Relationship Status.

Cole’s comment came after Reinhart confessed on Tuesday that her quotes from one of her interviews with Refinery29 were misconstrued. People speculated that she was referring to her split through those quotes. She said that the quotes that were taken from her recent interview are not about a breakup; they were about the depression that she have felt over these last few months. Lily added that she is tired of people taking her words out of context and arranging the pieces of it together for their own story for clickbait.

Lily has been outspoken about her mental health challenges, and she added that she would never speak as candidly as she did about something as serious and personal as a breakup. It is an incredibly private thing to speak upon like this; she was addressing her depression.

Cole Sprouse
Image Source – Vogue

Cole and Lili started dating in the year 2017, and coincidently it was the year in which they made their debuts on the CW’s Riverdale as love interests, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. It was reported in the year 2019, that the couple broke up earlier that summer.

Skeet Ulrich, the Riverdale co-star, confirmed by saying, “I think they were a cute couple” that Reinhart and Sprouse broke up.



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