Boruto Anime Followers are actually having fun with the continued Kawaki Arc the place it continues to adapt extra stuff from the manga. To this point now, we’re realized lots about Kawaki’s previous, upbringing and his last objectives. Studio Pierrot and its affiliate studios are additionally working onerous to ship crisp animation in every episode and produce justice to its supply materials. The much-anticipated combat between Delta and Naruto has additionally has begun and followers are actually trying ahead to every new episode each Sunday.

Just lately the Twitter consumer @ANAFLinks shared the episode titles of upcoming Boruto Episodes 201, 202, 203 and 204. The titles considerably confirms that anime will proceed to adapt extra of canon materials for some time extra.

Boruto Upcoming Episode Titles
Episode 200: Changing into An Apprentice
Episode 201: The Empty Tears
Episode 202: A spiritual group

So on this article, we are going to talk about the Boruto Episode 200-204 the place we are going to cowl every little thing associated to it similar to its launch date, spoilers and episode abstract.


Boruto Episode 200 “Changing into an Apprentice”, Launch Date: Might 23, 2021Boruto Episode 201 “The Empty Tears”, Launch Date: Might 30, 2021Boruto Episode 202 “A Non secular Group”, Launch Date: June 6, 2021Boruto Episode 203 “TBA”, Launch Date: Might 13, 2021Boruto Episode 204 “TBA”, Launch Date: June 20, 2021Where to Watch On-line?

Boruto Episode 200 “Changing into an Apprentice”, Launch Date: Might 23, 2021

Naruto and Kawaki

Boruto Episode 200 titled “Changing into an Apprentice” is about to launch on on twenty third Might 2021. It would adapt chapter 34 from the manga.

Abstract: Since Kawaki misplaced an arm in his battle with Delta, he obtained to obtain a prosthetic arm that was initially made for Naruto’s use. Primarily, the prosthetic wouldn’t work with out being powered by chakra from Naruto himself. Nonetheless, Naruto personally distributed his personal chakra to the prosthesis in order that Kawaki might use it in an analogous method.

Naruto tells Kawaki about bonds – “Chakra is an influence that connects us to 1 one other, and it’s one thing that exists inside all of us.” As Kawaki remembers these phrases, he asks Naruto about getting some ninjutsu coaching. In the meantime, Delta’s report has arrived: The chief of ‘Kara’ – Jigen – has now turn into conscious that Boruto’s palm has been etched with ‘Karma’ too. He appears to smile with satisfaction at this improvement.

Boruto Episode 201 “The Empty Tears”, Launch Date: Might 30, 2021

Naruto comforting Kawaki

Episode 201 of Boruto will launch on Might 30, 2021. The epsiode is titled “Empty Tears” and can replicate on the connection that Kawaki has made with Naruto. Primarily based on the abstract it looks like the epsiode will embody some anime unique content material.

Abstract: with Naruto close by a sleeping, Kawaki is repairing the damaged flower vase. The 9 Tailed Beast – Kurama – appeared in entrance of him. Having been sealed inside Naruto, Kurama has been residing along with him up till now too. Kurama tells Kawaki that he resembles what Naruto was like in his former days.

Kawaki unexpectedly hears about half of Naruto’s lifetime after which begins to suppose that he additionally needs to be like him sometime. Furthermore, he might cooperate with Boruto – somebody who has been etched with the identical ‘Karma’ as him. Kawaki comes to a decision as soon as once more to defeat the ringleader of every little thing – Jigen – in addition to ‘Kara’ alongside Boruto.

Boruto Episode 202 “A Non secular Group”, Launch Date: June 6, 2021

Abstract: The director of the ANBU – Sai – turned anxious over some acquired intel based mostly on the information that was introduced again by Sarutobi Konohamaru from the airship crashing incident. And so, Sai requested for Sasuke to deal with it and make the most of his time-space ninjutsu to pay a go to to the location. There have been many enigmatic shapes that have been depicted in that exact dimension.

Sasuke thinks that many features of what he was seeing there could possibly be linked to the Otsutsuki Clan. Within the meantime, somebody was utilizing some wonderful powers – A sick particular person had been saved by one of many leaders of ‘Kara’ – Boro – proper in entrance of everybody’s eyes. Going through the individuals who had been gathered round him, Boro preached that he would discover a technique to make everybody glad.

Boruto Episode 203 “TBA”, Launch Date: Might 13, 2021

The title of episode 203 haven’t been revealed however based mostly on assumption that the anime will proceed to adapt a chapter per episode the following episode almost definitely will adapt chapter 36.

Abstract: Boruto’s physique freezes up whereas going by means of the timber, inflicting him to fall, to his and Mitsuki’s confusion. Mitsuki notices the Kāma activating in Boruto’s hand. Because it has solely activated whereas in battle or round Kawaki, they surmise one thing’s occurred to him. At Naruto’s residence, Kawaki continues looking for the lacking vase fragment. Naruto factors out it’s most likely ineffective since Hinata cleans on a regular basis, and considers the vase just about fastened. Kawaki factors out the vase nonetheless leaks, and that feedback like which can be why Boruto yells at him.

Inojin and Shikadai talk about Kawaki’s trustworthiness whereas taking part in playing cards, noting how their dad and mom really feel about him. Shikadai personally likes that Kawaki is a straight shooter. Sakura buys flowers from Ino, who deduces Sasuke is coming residence. Sarada arrives and asks her mom in regards to the seal on her brow and the Creation Rebirth. Koji continues to spy on Kawaki by means of his toad’s eyes. He finds it unusual that Jigen hasn’t acted after discovering out Boruto has a Kāma by means of Delta. 

Boruto Episode 204 “TBA”, Launch Date: June 20, 2021

Abstract: Earlier than Naruto and Jigen can start combating, Kawaki affords to go prepared if he spares Naruto, telling Naruto Delta was nothing in comparison with Jigen. Jigen agrees to the phrases, however Naruto refuses, stressing that as Hokage, it’s his duty to guard everybody in Konoha, together with Kawaki. Seeing that compromise is not possible, Jigen portals away with Naruto to a unique, desolate dimension.

Jigen intends to go away Naruto stranded, however Sasuke arrives kicking Jigen apart. Jigen surmises his id, and the 2 disagree on whether or not the timing of his arrival was good or unhealthy. Sasuke is glad the dimension is empty, in order that they don’t want to carry again in opposition to Jigen, who merely laughs on the notion. Sarada arrives at Naruto’s residence, discovering bloodied rods within the backyard, and Kawaki by himself. Boruto’s Kāma recedes. Jigen absorbs one in all Naruto’s Rasengan. 

The place to Watch On-line?

Boruto Anime key visible

You may watch the newest and all earlier episodes of Boruto on Crunchyroll, VRV, VIZ in its unique Japanese dub with embedded English subtitles. In the meantime you possibly can watch the English dub by means of Funimation and Animelab however they’re at the moment method behind the schedule, so it can take fairly a while for these episodes to get dubbed.


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