Bitcoin (BTC)’s use in Argentina might not be linked with an urge to purchase fiats such as the United States dollar,” says an industry expert, who states Argentinians could have significantly more nuanced reasons for ripping up enormous amounts of the planet’s treasured cryptocurrency in recent months.

Since reported, following trading volumes climbed on peer-to-peer (P2P) stage LocalBitcoins, Open Money Initiative contributor Matt Ahlborg maintained that for many Venezuelans, bitcoin has been used as a”gateway,” and is mostly traded by the country’s large ethnic Chinese community.

However, Ahlborg claims that though Argentina has also seen increased BTC trading volume on LocalBitcoins, dollar fantasies aren’t inspiring the country’s latest bitcoin rush.

In a site article, Ahlborg opines that although Venezuelans” generally purchase bitcoin using bolivars to quickly turn around and trade them away for bucks held in offshore accounts,” that isn’t true in Argentina.

Cuevas, which signifies caves in Spanish, are prohibited bureau de change sockets which is located in most major city centres, especially in the capital Buenos Aires. Citizens frequently use these to get USD, euro and other foreign fiats.

Instead, Ahlborg considers that Argentinians may preferably be using BTC as an insecure tool. He also theorizes that undercover migrant workers in Argentina could be responsible for driving up bitcoin volumes.

Argentina’s fiscal crisis continues to deepen, with global creditors before this month deny a debt deal, per that the Financial Times.

Ahlborg concludes that bitcoin’s destiny in Argentina depends on if the government decides to crack down on Cuevas, and if Buenos Aires determines to”lay new funding controllers or off and allow free markets reign.”


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